Dreams' Desire...

By Melanie Miller
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I woke up from having a dream about you and I.
We wore soaring to the blue sky and we wore mesmorized by one another..

We cried tears cause' we wore so happy in love, just you and me.

We loved each other and sailed away on a boat to China.

We kissed a kiss of love, and above all this, we married in the month of July.

Fireworks struck in the wind and we wore in love all over again.

I dreamt all of this in my vivid dream, and I heard the thunder, as I awoke,

not a moment too soon..and you wore there, standing right by my bed.

You told me to ''wake up, sleepy head.''
And then I smiled at you, and you looked at me with caring eyes, the eyes of love,

they wore, but poof, like magick you wore gone..
So you must of been a dream all along but you'll always be my one true dream's desire,

and only you can start this fire within my soul.

the end...