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After Service Leadership Forum (ASLF) Communique

By After Service Leadership Forum (ASLF)
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An inaugural meeting of retired leaders of major denominations in Nigeria under the auspices of the After Service Leadership Forum (ASLF) facilitated by the El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation (EGLF) met between Wednesday, August 10 and Friday, August 12, 2016; in Abuja to review the state of the nation and the church:

We noted and resolved as follows:
i. we note and applaud the strides government is making to arrest corruption as a national lifestyle.

ii. note and thank God for the relative containment of Boko Haram insurgency.

iii. we note the re-insurgence of the activities of the militants in the Niger Delta and call on Government to re-appraise its response to minimize loss of lives and property. We recommend that the various groups in that region be engaged proactively.

iv. we are concerned about the state of the economy of the nation and call on Government to take more drastic steps to reverse the trend and reduce the poverty and sufferings of our people. A virile and credible economic team should be put in place without further delay.

v. we deplore and find grossly unacceptable the prevailing state of nonpayment of salaries and pensions across many states in Nigeria.

vi. we strongly deplore the slow response of Government to the activities of Fulani herdsmen and urge the Federal Government to be more transparent in containing the menace of this group.

vii. we note that the current appointments by the Federal Government do not reflect our national spread and religious persuasion. Government must be sensitive to Federal Character principle as enshrined in our constitution in the appointment of leaders of Government institutions and parastatals

viii. we would work strategically for the unity of the church in Nigeria;

ix. the church shall develop and adopt a more strategic approach for the raising and nurturing of sustainable servant leadership within the church and polity in Nigeria;

x. the Church shall become more deliberate in the biblical training of its pastors and the raising of kingdom minded Christians; and

xi. the church shall no longer tolerate further acts of injustice against its members and killing of innocent citizens in Nigeria.

Signed After Service Leadership Forum Friday, August 12, 2016