Russia Should Do For Syria What It Didn't Do For Libya!!!

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” ---Albert Einstein

And surely so should China, Libya's neighbour Malta, and most other European countries who have now realised how stupidly they have been fooled by the West. ‘Thanks for destroying our country’, angry Libyans lashed out at Obama’s hypocritical independence congratulations.

'As a consequence, you now have a very bad situation', Obama said. He could well have continued, “which we had inflicted on you”.

So the real situation in Libya is one of chaos and lawlessness, and the people living in the formerly prosperous Libyan state know that better than anyone else. Millions of Libyans, as well as so many other immigrant workers, were obliged to leave Libya.

Apparently Obama hopes that no one is paying attention to the horrors inflicted on Libya or the ripple effect which created numerous other humanitarian crises. The United States, NATO, the European Union and Gulf monarchy actions against Libya in 2011 were a war crime by any definition of the term. The attack by the United States and its allies resulted in a devastated nation that to this day is racked by political and sectarian violence. Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, they got violence, poverty and social disaster. It's such a pitiful situation when no one is asking whether they now realise what they've done!

China, Russia and Brazil as well as India and South Africa had abstained from voting at the United Nations Security Council in March 2011 in favour of the imposition of a no-fly zone in Libya and for calls for Ghaddafi’s resignation. The five Security Council members are now at pains to clarify that they did not block the Security Council’s endorsement of the no-fly zone. With feelings running so high, Beijing and Moscow might have been expected to block Resolution 1973, or at least do more to ensure that Western powers were more tightly constrained in their use of force.

After all, both Moscow and Beijing strongly support traditional interpretations of national sovereignty, which severely restrict the right of foreign powers or international organizations from intervening and interfering in a country’s internal affairs. 'Nations have a right to be themselves', Putin is saying.

The then President Medvedev later said in an interview with the Financial Times that Russia made a tragic mistake, and had also publicly stated that the West simply deceived Russia. Well, will Russia be deceived again in Syria or did it get its lesson?

“Why did Russia not use the veto on Libya? Where is the money that was lent to Sarkozy by Ghaddafi? What are the chances of a repetition of the "Libyan scenario" in Syria? Who set the West against Muammar Ghaddafi and Bashar al-Assad? “, quite rightly and rightfully asked the Russian paper 'Pravda'! Too many questions and very very few honest answers!

Yes to democracy, but no to foreign interference and intervention. No other words can describe that what happened in Libya had anything to do with democracy. It can only be called a military coup and subsequent intervention.

You may be wondering which of the seven wars Obama is now engaged in isn't an unjustified act of aggression or how a chemical weapons attack would turn a war into a 'justified' act of aggression. Wouldn't overthrowing Syria create a Libya-like disaster, something that unfortunately looks like being in the making?.

Millions of Libyans were obliged to leave Libya. 300,000 Syrian, children and women have been killed and 11 million Syrian inhabitants were obliged to leave. Millions of Iraqis have been killed and their lands have been radioactively polluted. Millions of Afghanis were obliged to leave their country! Millions of Serbs were obliged to leave their homes and watch how the US turned Serbian lands into islamists basis.

"What have you done? Do you realise now what you have done?”, asked Putin in his UN speech, with reason. But none were there to hear, much less to understand.

But, one might ask, where is the public uproar or any other sort of consequence for the White House from the fact that Obama blatantly lied about a Libyan threat to massacre civilians in Benghazi and used that lie to create the current disaster in Libya? What has been the downside to the president of having lied about a mountaintop rescue in order to get into more war-making in Iraq and Syria? How have endless lies about Ukraine or drone strikes come back to bite the prevaricator in chief? What would have been different about getting caught lying about a chemical weapons attack in Syria? And with those lies having in fact been told and being now well-exposed by the American investigative journalists, Hersh and others, is it possible to find a dozen Americans and a dog who give a damn? If political leaders, media reporters and think-tank specialists continue to share a vision of Syria that is partisan, propagandist and over-simple, there is no chance of a solution to the great Syrian tragedy.

Indeed, Russia is undoubtedly bombing militants supported by the United States, but that is only because the United States is intentionally supported Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. Russia is bombing the CIA/USA/NATO supported terrorists! Isn't it evident that the western military imperialists want the terrorists to win? That is the problem! What is blatantly clear from listening to both leaders' speeches is that the moral leader of the world today resides in Moscow! If Assad gets deposed, then what? The terrorists take over? Surely, that worked really well in Libya, Iraq, Egypt and others. Today’s Russia is not what the Soviet Union was, and it requires to build a platform once again to regain that respectable image which it had at that time.

Nonetheless, it is important that at least one nation in the world is capable of standing up to American state-sponsored destruction and is willing to take action in that effort. In Syria, the Libyan aftermath was never headed by Western European powers. When one considers the concept of vampirism, one cannot help noting how inherently it is a part of Western culture. Western civilization, unfortunately, does not link knowledge and morality but rather, it connects knowledge and power and makes them equivalent. The world ought to fear 'pax Americana', not a Russian military presence in Syria. However, Russia is not alone in this principled quest. Western imperialism, in all of its manifestation, is being challenged by more political leaders, through diplomacy, moral persuasion and public pressure. In recent time, Pope Francis, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have raised fundamental questions. Thanks Putin, for setting the ball rolling! Action speaks louder than words and the secret of getting things done is to act! For goodness sake, don't let Syria go the way of Iraq and Libya! Before it's too late! Please, don't back down!

"What is important is Russia has to not be engaged in any activities against anybody but ISIL," Secretary of State John Kerry said. "That's clear. We have made that very clear", while the EU calls on Russia to halt airstrikes in Syria. Look who's talking! What cheek! Just irony and more layers of hypocrisy. Where was ISIS when you attacked Libya? And where is it now? Funny to see the West talking about Russian intervention in the Middle East in the same way the rest of the world has been talking about the West's interventions in the Middle East for the past 15 years!

Might NATO so intervene militarily to support separatist aspirations in Chechnya, Tibet and Xinjiang. It's a line of thought that is likely not different under current circumstances.

What is the use wringing our hands in horror when through our folly we never lifted a finger to end this bloodbath?

" Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.

Phil McGraw
Joseph M. Cachia
Freelance Journalist
(j[email protected])
Vittoriosa – MALTA (Europe)

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