Grazing Reserves And The Killings Of Villagers In Godo-Godo Is My Worries With Elrufai Government

By Tom Garba, Yola
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The gradual silence of Boko Haram in our domains is one of the great successes of President Muhammadu Buhari administration, as normalcy and calmness is returning to the most affected Local Governments Area in North East region of the country.

Good as it may look, the Fulani coordinated ceaseless attacks with all kinds of sophiscated weapons across the country is another evil that seems to be worst than Boko Haram if the concern authority in-charge of security will not take a contentious efforts to curtail the menance.

Now armed Fulani udus are becoming more terrified than they are known before,becoming more enemies than friends they use to be.

The stories coming from villages ravaged by this Fulanis emanating from all angles across the country most especially the recent killings unleashed to Nintie Hayin Gada,Godo Godo district of Jama'a Local Government areas (LGA) of Kaduna state, the Kodomun killings of Demsa LGA of Adamawa and the recent murder of Tarok Chief in Plateaus State.

The failure of the Government to take a proactive measures to halt off the militia operation of the Fulanis have pushed some concern citizens Of Southern Kaduna look at the whole issue as a plan to destroy the entire people of the area.

Today,the Youth leader of southern kaduna people union (SOKAPU),in a press conference has announced to resigned his appointments with the Kaduna state Government as a result of Grazing Reserve and merciless killings meted on the people of Godo Godo.

Jagaba has this to say :
"I have sensed a conspiracy by the government of the day to cage me, put a gag on my mouth and to make me docile and voiceless. This has informed my decision to put up my resignation letter so as to stand with my people, to raise my voice against prejudice, social denigration and denial. As such, and I repeat, I have resigned my appointment as I move to break the silence and to speak from the burnings of my own heart, as I call for radical departures from the destruction of southern Kaduna".

"At a time like this when Southern Kaduna people are faced with so many subjugations, silence is betrayal. The mission to which the southern kaduna youth called me is a most difficult one even when pressed by the demands to break the silence, especially now that we have found ourselves in the hands of an evil organisation that act without conscience, morals, human dignity and respect for rule of law or fear of God. I am greatly saddened by the anti-people policies of Nasiru EL-Rufai towards the good people of southern kaduna."

"In addition, El-Rufai’s land reclamation Programme in the state has failed to see governance as a continuous enterprise. To buttress my point, Governor Ibrahim Yakowa of blessed memory set up a committee and issued a government white paper that explicitly created a boundary between Gbagyi Villa and Kaduna Polytechnic with a sketch plan produced and signed by the Surveyor General of Kaduna State. But, in a cruel display of power, El-Rufai had sworn with the Qurán to demolish the area even when the matter was still pending in court. This shows that the Governor has no respect for the rule of law.

"And if El-Rufai has made land reclamation a central agenda to his government, why is he not laying claims to the National Eye Centre, Kaduna Polytechnic’s encroached land at Tudun Wada Campus, the flood plains at Kigo Road, National Institute for Trypanosomiases Research and the Kachia Grazing Reserve? The so-called Kachia Grazing Reserve which was established by the federal government for the purpose of reducing cattle and farmers clash has now been converted for the building of estates and other business interests by influential Fulani burgeoises.

"The Grazing Reserve is not only dubiously converted, but the Fulani have produced a fake gazetted document that reads 70,000 hectares against the known 30,897 hectares proposed by the government and this has never attracted El-Rufai’s attention but, he is losing sleep over a previously settled matter at Gbagyi Villa".

An indigene of Damsa LGA and a Lecturer with Modibbo Adama University of Technology, MAUTECH, Yola, Dr John Ngamsa narrated his ordeals story and outrightly shifted blames to the Government of the day.

Read his story:
"I was at Kodomun and Demsa yesterday On a personal fact finding. Children, the aged, and even the mentally ill were ambushed and brutally killed. The church was brought to ashes by an RPG. The villagers saw a military like coordinated attack. These are crimes against humanity bad enough to list the Governor, the Cp and other planners of this attack to either impeachment or prosecution. Can't they be up and doing even once? If they don't do that, soon there will be the peoples forensic report on the weapons and ammunition used by the attackers".

"As usual it was a "settlers/grazers" conundrum used by the security services as an escape to sweep under the carpet failures of the state. .. Governor Bidow either out of town or not being a responsible enough to take prompt action to stop the escalation of similar occurrences in the state. Even when around in similar and previous cases, he refused visiting the affected people... I am sure when he comes back, he will not go to condole the people as usual. I probably must have overestimated Bindow and equally thought that people were unfair to him when they accused him of incompetence and ineptitude handling governance and security issues. Now I know he is here to scatter with a recklessly what previous leaders painfully put together for peaceful coexistence."

"The security services at state levels equally baffled by the governor's inept coordination, also remain indolent to the level of unreasonable non commitment. Bad as yesterday was to the people of Kodomun, the CP lied under oath that no casualty was recorded... (Tapes and pictures available 15 dead at the time of his interview."

"The military helicopter still hovered round the troubled area and across the the camp of the herdsmen that attacked the people of Kodomun... For what the people asked? May be the brief is to protect the attackers and so is the conclusion.

"The people of Kodomun were burying their dead bodies from an earlier attack, when this heavier raid came up ... They will be their again to bury More. What is going to happen? Nothing. Only the presence of the police waiting to protect the herdsmen whose nationalities are not known."

I need a superior arguments, Someone should please help my arguments for a better solution, as I find it hard to answer the following questions:

1. Can you have grazing reserves without a law on any land?

2. Are farmlands also part of the reserves?
3. What do you do with an inept and inadequate "police force " that fails to deploy arrest of culprits and perpetrators of crimes?

4. How about CP that indulges in lying to cover facts on ground?

5. Why is it that the government of Gov. Bindow at any time fails to meet on proactive measures to stop this issues at once?

6. Don't you think that these brazened herds men are the disengaged Boko haram?

7. What is wrong for communities arming to fight in self defense?

The bigger question is where is Bindow ? Emerging pics and other details show that he is having a holiday at an island beach. What is he doing to stop these carnages?

What do you do when security services even as security forces can not protect the communities?