For Nigerian Students, Abbey DLD Is Sure Pathway Into Top UK Universities

By Nigeria Education Monitor

Nigerian parents who crave to give their children an unrivalled opportunity to gain entry into some of the best universities in the United Kingdom, including Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College London, should send them first to Abbey DLD Group of Colleges to equip them with the required knowledge, according to pre-university schools’ officials.

At a media briefing in Lagos, Charles Johnson, Director of Sales in Africa, and Muazu Jalaluddeen, Students Admissions Manager for Abbey DLD in Africa, highlighted the importance of high quality programmes – such as the ones offered by Abbey DLD Group of Colleges – for preparing students to secure a place in some of UK’s most prestigious universities.

Most Nigerian students often complete their secondary school education with an O’Level which is not the same as the required A Levels needed to gain entry into UK’s universities.

“Our courses include comprehensive GCSE, A Level Programmes and a number of International Foundation Programmes,” Charles Johnson said, adding that going to Abbey DLD will allow Nigerian students to “acclimatise” and achieve the grades they need to outdo other international students competing for places at top universities.

He also explained the UK has an international reputation for the quality of its education system and qualifications offered by British schools, colleges and universities are recognised globally as hallmarks of excellence and distinction.

Oxford, Cambridge, University College London (UCL) and Imperial College London, regularly feature in the world’s top ten and employers around the world look favourably upon UK graduates.

Muazu Jalaluddeen, the Students Admissions Manager in Africa, said the two year pre-university programme at Abbey DLD Group of Colleges, ( ), not only allows Nigerian students to pass their A Levels with flying colours, but it also helps them to understand and get used to the British education system, which is slightly different from Nigeria.

He stressed said that gaining entry into UK’s best universities is highly competitive with only the very best achieving that feat and that choosing the right school to prepare for university is of paramount importance.

Abbey College Cambridge, Abbey College Manchester and DLD College London offer Nigerian tailored education designed to launch them on a successful and prosperous future, be this in the UK or back in Nigeria.

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges have first class reputations in the education community and in the wider employment world; reputations which grow every year with each new cohort of students. 49% of international students achieved A-A* grades in their A levels and 25% of students have secured places to study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) in 2015.

According to Jalaluddeen, Abbey DLD is totally committed to enabling students to achieve their full potential, going beyond achieving exams results alone.

Despite some challenges some Nigerian are currently experiencing in getting access to foreign currencies, virtually all Nigerian students still pay their fees on time and are among the best in the United Kingdom, he said.

Nigeria, Jalaluddeen added, still has the highest number of African students in Abbey Colleges, although other African countries are also gradually catching up.

Entry into the colleges can be from 14 years of age to study GCSEs, or from 16 years of age for A Levels and preparation for university entrance.

With affordable school fees based on the quality education and serene environment that Abbey DLD Group of Colleges offer, students around the world continue to flock there in huge numbers, he said.