An Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari

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Dear Mr. President,
First of all I would like to congratulate you on the recent academic

achievements recorded by your children. It is the wish of every father

to witness such event in one's lifetime.
Mr. President, before I go into details of my letter, I want you to

know that this letter is not written in a spirit of hate, contempt,

nor is it motivated in any way by any ethnic intolerance but is

written with respect due to your office and the awesome tasks that

have been placed on your shoulders by Nigerians. Truth according to

Sir Henry Fredrick is not violated by falsehood; it may be equally be

outraged by silence.
I'm compelled to write you because I used to be one of your fans prior

to the 2015 polls. I was one of the advocates of 'change mantra' that

swept across the land in preparation for the 2015 polls. I believed we

needed a positive change to the negative change we witnessed under

former President Goodluck Jonathan. I believed we needed a transition

from a government that that suffered from kleptomania to a prudent

one. I had a 'Nigerian Dream' which I thought would be achieved under

a man who has an antecedent of honesty.
Mr. President, it has been over a year that you took over the mantle

of leadership of this great nation. During the electioneering period

you and your party, APC made promises which many of us believed. Some

of us believed in those promises not because we were fools but because

those promises came from you, a man we once vouched for his integrity.

But, today Mr. President none of those promises has been fulfilled.

Mr. President, Nigeria has fared badly under your tenure. Since you

took over, you have travelled to abroad more than thirty times and up

till now we have not seen the result of those journeys you expended

tax payers' money on.
Mr. President, it is true that past government created a lot of

problems for the new government; but for how long are we going to be

blaming the past government for our current travails? Does it mean

that we can't fix these problems?
In the annals of Nigeria's history, we have never had it this bad. The

economy of Africa's most populous nation today has become a

hydra-headed monster that is difficult to tame or control under you.

It is now a ravaging bull running amok and has defied any solution

from your government.
Mr. President, majority of Nigerians have become hopeless in the face

of the economic hardship that has plagued Nigeria since you took over

mantle of leadership of this great Nation. The vicious cycle of

poverty now engulfs the masses to a level of suffocation. Your

economic advisers have even compounded the problems by making careless

and contradictory statements on the state of the economy. The other

day your Finance Minister said we are in recession and a position

which was equally supported by the Central Bank Governor. Just few

days ago, your Minister of Budget and National Planning, Udo Udoma

said our economy will grow by over 3%, rejecting the IMF's prediction.

Mr. President, we don't even know what is happening to the economy? We

don't know those who are controlling it now? Who are the prime

beneficiaries of this kind of unstable economy when in a year we have

lost the single digit inflation status we maintained in past

Unfortunately, this kind of economy you operate is only being

understood by majority of Nigerians to be one that has brought untold

hardship to the common man on the street. It is an economy that has

deprived the masses basic means of livelihood. Today, workers are

being owed salaries running into months.
Mr. President, while you are busy fighting corruption, many other

things that require your attention are left undone. Unfortunately, the

fight against corruption which seems to be the hallmark of your

government is systematically fighting back. Today, people in your

government are equally being accused of corruption. Mr. President,

there are stories making round that you spent fortune to acquire

glasses and shoes. You were also accused of hosting a lavish banquet

to honour your children who recently graduated from a London school

and Law school in Nigeria. Mr. President, you are doing this at a time

when many Nigerians who voted for you can't afford to pay for their

children school fees not to talk of hosting banquet for them. You are

doing this at a time when your government has not shown any holistic

or concrete effort at alleviating the hardship of the people not to

talk of raising their standard of living.
Mr. President, I understand that one of the major problems we have in

this country is corruption. I equally want you to know that another

major factor that has rendered fight against corruption futile is

hypocrisy. Mr. President, there is no corruption-free society anywhere

in the world. But it can be reduced to the barest minimum when it is

free from double standards.
Mr. President, I have to commend you for the success you have achieved

so far with Boko Haram terrorists but more still needs to be done with

the displaced people. Fulani herdsmen menace is yet another serious

threat that your government needs to tackle.
Mr. President, I also want you to understand that the method or

strategy used in tackling insurgency in the North eastern part of

Nigeria may not be suitable to tackling Niger-Delta or Biafra crises.

Signs of a country in a gradual drift to disintegration have always

been present in the polity, which is why you must handle issues

relating to Niger-Delta and Biafra with utmost political maturity and

Mr. President, if there are people you need to distance yourself

from-they are sycophants and political yes men. They exist in any

government and if you desire to achieve anything good; you must not

allow them to hijack your government.
These sycophants are already heaping praises and laurels on you when

you have not proved yourself to Nigerians. Sir, if they are deceiving

you; you must avoid deceiving yourself like the Narcissus who fell in

love with his own image reflected from a pool of water.

One major area that needs your urgent attention at the moment is how

best to put an end to the suffering of the masses. Remember that a

hungry man is an angry man. One cannot think well, love well or even

sleep well, if one has not dined well.
I wish you the very best.
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