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Not Less Than 20 People Died As Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Over Ran A Village In Adamawa State

By Tom Garba, Yola
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According to an unclassified source and resident of Kodumon village of Demsa Local Area of Adamawa state said not less than 20 people died from Friday to this early morning as a result of suspected Fulani herdsmen attacks.

The Man who spoke on a condition of privity narrates that:"From Friday evening til this morning, they were attacked consistently by "Fulani Herdsmen." The entire village has been overran and burnt down.

"On Friday eight men were hacked to death on their farms. On Saturday and Sunday more were ambushed and killed when they went to pick up the corpses of their dead relatives.

"This morning while they were burying an old grandma, Fulani killer herdsmen attacked them again at the graveyard shooting and killing them. As they ran back into the village, they noticed that the entire village had been surrounded and was under siege. Virtually every house has been burnt down, except the ones that belong to the few Fulanis among them.

"My relatives and political allies have been gunned down and nobody can pick their corpses for decent burials. The army came with about 10 Hilux vehicles and backed by a helicopter. Around 3pm they all vacated the burnt village and would not even give hope to other nearby villages like Kulliro, Murgarang, Kudiri, Bwashi, Old Demsa or even Demsa, the LG headquarters.

"People in those villages have presently escaped to Demsa and can be seen standing or walking in fear along Numan-Yola road. People living in Demsa can be seen dressed in readiness to move to Numan.

"The situation is pathetic as it is annoying, especially with both the police and military abandoning the people to their fate. Corpses are right now unattended to all over Kodomun because no one dares pick them up. Many have been taken to hospitals with bullets embedded in their bodies." He cried

As at the time of filing this report efforts were made to reached the police but all in futility.