Our Ailing Democracy Will Bounce Back… If—CSOs

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The ailing Nigeria democracy will bounce back if the clinical solution proffered by the Civil Society Organizations is anything to go by.

Speaking during the Democracy Clinic and Accountability Assembly program held in Aba, Abia State, the Executive Director of Citizens Center for Integrated Development and Social Rights, CCIDESOR, Emeka Ononamadu noted that it was aimed at critically analyzing and addressing the ailing democratic practice in the country, especially in the South-East.

He posited the clinic serves as an avenue to expose the bad democratic conditions, and put heads together to bring effective ideas for a better and healthy society.

He spoke further on the need for citizens to be interested on how the state funds are utilized, and always demand for transparency and accountability. Ononamadu stressed on the importance of economic literacy as a stepping stone towards economic growth. He also stated that the fundamental problem is that the little funds allocated to the south-east is being mismanaged by our public officers.

In her comments, Mrs. Adiele Pamela asked what measures that’s to be taken to make the society better, as there is an urgent need to act fast and put a stop to corruption and marginalization.

The Guest Speaker, Pastor. W.O. Alamba, who spoke on “Effective Citizens’ Budget Knowledge and Participation in contemporary Abia State”, pointed on the need for Budget knowledge so that citizens can know how their funds are allocated and spent, adding that it helps to detect when there is misappropriation.

He stated that it is an obligation on the part of the government to protect and promote the rights of every citizen. He therefore insisted that citizens should never hesitate to voice their concerns when these conditions are not met. He encouraged all to always try to have access to the budget, so as to know what to expect from the administration.

The clinic rose, calling on government to open up a website where all Abia State accountability documents will be posted, including budget and other financial reports. The clinic stressed on the need to evaluate and build up our household values as Igbo. They noted that there should be a united group of CSOs from south-east speaking with one voice.

“A united spirit among south-east citizens, and strategic plans regrouping well meaning CSOs and equipping them further to carry out advocacies. Going out to public places, like the market place for sensitizations and mobilizations. The Igbo society needs re-orientation. The need to channel our focus into creating a sustainable value system. Engaging and involving community leaders in addition to CSOs’ efforts are all stressed”, the clinic submitted.

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