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US Convention: The Sides Of The Coin

Since 1776 that America had its independence, its Presidential Democracy has jolted through the thick and thin in the last 240 years. One thing interesting about America is that despite the political turn of events, it has continued to improve on its political and nation building, growing from strength to strength, by learning from past mistakes and working on them.

As Americans prepare to elect their 45th President come 8th November, 2016, it is pertinent to take you down memory lane the uniqueness of US election. The process of US election gradually eliminates candidates without shouting their veins out. There is something TUESDAY about US election. American Presidential election takes place every Tuesday of November in every four years.

During the primaries which usually is done in stages, from the traditional lower state primaries to the New Hampshire state primaries. The climax of the American party primaries comes up on the first Tuesday of March. After these primaries, the Democrats and Republicans would have known who their flag bearers are. After the March super primaries, we saw Hillary Clinton for Democratic and Donald Trump of Republican parties emerging presidential flag bearers. All these are possible because of laid down party regulations and abiding by the rule of law.

As the parties start their conventions, the candidates are frenzy on what side of the divide their supporters will find themselves. Some say that Hillary Clinton of Democratic Party is already winning the election. This is given that her runners up, Bernie Sanders has said that Hillary Clinton was set to become the first woman presidential nominee of a major U.S. party on Tuesday, a historic moment that Democrats hope will help eclipse rancor between supporters of Clinton and her rival in the primary contests. Sanders, with his party faithful has thrown their supporters to Clinton.

Another factor that is paving way for Clinton is that both men, women, Africans-Americans, Muslims are supporting her candidature. Sanders, in one of his speeches portrayed Clinton as a fellow soldier in his fight for economic equality,

During the convention in Philadelphia, Sanders and the other main speakers on Monday, liberal favorite U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and first lady Michelle Obama, offered stirring endorsements of Clinton as the party tried to push through the discord and find a common goal in beating Republican Donald Trump in the November. 8 election.

The position of Sanders has continued to shock both the Democrats and Republicans alike, especially when during the convention, he said “This election is about which candidate understands the real problems facing this country and has offered real solutions – not just bombast, fear-mongering, name-calling and divisiveness,". "We need leadership in this country which will improve the lives of working families, the children, the elderly, the sick and the poor. We need leadership which brings our people together and makes us stronger – not leadership which insults Latinos, Muslims, women, African-Americans and veterans – and divides us up."

Her Supporters see her credentials as worthy of being the president of America. This is because she has also been a first lady in 1993 and a U.S. Senator. This means that she has the experience needed for the White House.

Of course, President Barrack Obama has also thrown his support to Clinton, even his wife has not been found wanting as she continues to speak in favour of Clinton. The general feeling in US is that if Obama who was fought against his ambition of becoming US President because he was not from America, later became and made history, going by the successes he has achieved. It is believed that Clinton will do well as first woman US President. I believe that one can expect history from the country that makes history. It is not out of place.

If Clinton wins the election come 8th November, it will serve as motivator for upcoming female politicians to begin to think about leading their countries, beside the few women Presidents we already have.

Another winning wand for Clinton will be the plagiarism controversy, which has already taken her further ahead her opponent.

For Donald Trump, I think that some Americans really like his bluntness and the way he speaks; being frank, unapologetic and how he has vowed to deal with the Muslims, African-Americans and boasting to profile them and possibly send them parking. Indeed, he has supporters based on his stance.

But inadvertently, these unguided speeches have pitched supporters against him as election draws near. The one that sent chills down the spines of both far and near observers was the web of plagiarism controversy that caught his wife, which has reduced hitherto appreciated supporters and tends to diminish his votes come 8th November.

Another blow Trump got up his nose was the non-endorsement of his candidature by the Republican runners up, Ted Cruz who with his hangers-on refused to support him, maybe because of his highhandedness and bossy disposition.

During the Republican convention in Cleeveland, much cheers were not recorded for Trump neither did he garner encouraging personalities coming out to speak for him. In the convention, voters complained of disorganization and in-fighting that have criss-crossed his campaign, especially that, there were a lot of walk-outs during the convention. Hate speeches have marred the good outing of Trump if you ask me.

“The 2016 Republican Convention,” according to Jason Sokols, “was remarkable not for its bumbling shows of discord-culminating in Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement-but for the ways in which it illuminated a consistent message hatred.”

According to David Greenberg, a contributing Editor at Politico Magazine, is a professor of History and of Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University,The Republicans’ Cleveland convention was a hot mess, but it wasn’t a fiasco. Our history boasts some far more catastrophic conventions-where whole factions of a party walked out to launch third-party bids, where balloting dragged on for days amid irreconcilable conflicts or where violence broke out in the streets or the convention hall itself’.

Hear Jason Sokols, “this convention centered on a terrifying theme of anger. The thousands of attendees reveled in their hatred for Hillary Clinton, for immigrants, for Muslims, for African Americans. Rudy Giuliani raged at black protesters. Chris Christie fueled the crowd’s fury toward Clinton, apparently hoping that millions of Americans would forget how his own political team perpetrated the most vengeful scheme since the days of Watergate. Donald Trump presided ominously over it all. In the end, Trump presented himself just as he has throughout the campaign: he is the ultimate fear-monger, with nothing but enmity to offer”.

Having considered the two sides of the Democratic and Republican President Nominees, I would say that the pendulum is chanced to swing to the favour of the Democratic Party flag bearer, Hillary Clinton.

Looking at the conjectural permutation and the weight of supporters parading for Clinton, I think Trump should be ready to lose out to Clinton. Even the campaign atmosphere has also sent messages of hope of getting a woman President that will give motherly touch to issues affecting the Americans, African-Americans, Muslims, children, among other sectors because these people have not less than 55% votes.

However, baring last minute turn of event, the pendulum is already up for Clinton and lower for Trump, unless there is a trump-up that will change the permutation. Do not allow me to watch the US election events alone, join me so that we can weigh the chances together as new President emerges come 8th November.

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