I never shared a table with my mom for so many years…Huddah Monroe


Former BBA member Huddah Monroe is known for her suppose extravagant lifestyle, which she often flaunts on her social media accounts.

 She often shares pictures from parties, vacations and luxury items she owns, which she gets busted sometimes for living a fake life.

The Kenyan socialite is also known for sharing raunchy pictures mostly and talking dirty. This time around she decided to share her journey with her mother after she was deflowered.

She disclosed when the deed was done she felt guilty and couldn't look her mother in the eyes with fear her secret would be revealed.

In her words: 'you know I always wonder if parents know when their kids have lost their virginity? Because the day mine happened I felt so guilty and shiver down my spine since my mom was very strict. I never looked at her in the eyes again because I thought she knew, I thought she could see right through me even ate my food in the bedroom. I feel like she knew but she just kept quiet which killed me even more. Never even shared a table with her again until like 2 years ago ... Do parents usually know? Did she know I was no longer her little girl, it still kills me?'