Oge Okoye Features In Chinese Movie (Photos)

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Nollywood actress Oge Okoye and Chinese actress, Yvonne Chai Saung Wang just finished working on a short movie. Most people are wondering how Oge did that because she cannot speak Chinese.

It is a Nollywood movie that Oge  and Yvonne had featured.Yvonne is so happy for the support from Oge and has appreciated Oge for her help.

'YCSW @ OgeOkoye great meeting and working with you today' Yvonne appreciated. Oge's fans will be excited seeing her again on the big screen in another type of movie. She used to be a popular face on movie jackets, but in recent times, the actress has been missing in action until recently. She defended her action when asked 'No am not [diversifying] just taking my time now to streamline. It's for my personal consumption for now," she said.

We hope that she impresses her fans with this movie.