'I can't starve my husband of sex'- Ufuoma Ejenebor McDermott, actress


For Actress Ufuoma Stacey Ejeno­bor McDermott, the fact that she was among the top actresses that featured in the film, Wives on Strike , doesn't mean that she can or would deprive her husband of his conjugal rights.

In a recent interview, the former beauty queen and model, who is happily married to Steven McDermott, an American; opens up on career, marriage and sex life.  

'I can't deprive my husband of his right. Whatever it is, it should be a personal reason. Maybe, that is a bit extreme, but I have always believed in dialogue compared to strike. Somehow you have to put your life together in order of scale of preference. It is all about proper planning and arrangements; that is the basic thing that everyone should know how to handle."

Speaking on how she she has been coping with her six years marriage to an European, Ufuoma said, 'Marriage is beautiful. I don't think that there is anybody who would not agree that it is indeed a beautiful thing. But we all know that inside a marriage, there are two people involved, so it is normal for you guys to have friction and stuffs like that. As long as it is not domestic violence, don't take it too seriously. Sit down with your partner, dialogue and find a solution. Understand your differences and try as much as you can to resolve it. If it is an extreme case, you can bring in family members to intervene.'