Former All Nigeria Peoples Party presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday relished his days in the ANPP, regretting as he declared that lack of discipline and team spirit informed his decision to quit the party.

Buhari made the statement at the expanded National Executive Committee meeting of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) held at Rock View Hotel, Abuja.

He accused the leadership of the ANPP of observing the rules of the party in the breach to the disaffection of the followers.

'What l hate is to have a system that subverts its rules. I don't like subversion of a system , I don't like indiscipline.

I must say that I left ANPP, reluctantly; important decisions that should go through the right processes were taken without recourse to the party rules.

The chairman of the CPC board of trustees assured members of the party that leadership of the new party would be guided, strictly by the party's constitution, even as he warned members of the party that they should prepare for service as there was no money to be shared in CPC.

'We are not in this for money ; if you want money, then you are in the wrong party . We are here for service, to contribute our quota to national development. Anyone who will abuse trust has no business in CPC.

But please read the party's constitution; I assure you that as long as I remain the chairman of the party board of trustees, I will go by the book.

The former presidential candidate assured the leaders of the party who came from different parts of the country that the leadership of the party would welcome all ideas that would serve as catalyst to the sustenance and growth of CPC.

'You are going to supervise the structures and it behoves on you to give good leadership and exercise caution. We pray to God to make us agents of change in Nigeria,' Buhari submitted.