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By Okafor Onyebuchi
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Lord Acton may not have caved his famous phrase "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely" with the unfolding drama in Abia State of Nigeria. The maternal cousin of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu in collaboration with the Chief law enforcement officer of Abia State, the governor himself consciously and forcefully kidnapped one Mr UcheChukwu Nwaogwugwu on Monday, 18th of July 2016.

The act was intended to prevent the kidnapped to appear and give evidence in the High Court of Obi-Ngwa, Abia State . The peasant kidnapped and assaulted mason man, Mr Uchechukwu Nwaogwugwu is apparently involved in a land dispute with the maternal cousin and the youth leader of Governor Ikpeazu. Knowing that his evidence at the Court on the 19th of July 2016 was going to be critical to the case, he was kidnapped in the evening of 18th of July 2016 after he arrived village from Onitsha where he practices his masonry work.

As people were alerted of this absurd broad day injustice and repression based on his societal status, this writer and other advocates against impunity gave the oppressors some heat by alerting the Federal government of Nigeria and other human rights groups.

As the discomfort on Mr. John Chigoziri Chigbu and his cousin Governor heightened, Mr Uchechukwu Nwaogwugwu was on the early hours of 19th July 2016 moved from the kidnapped den and hidden at Gov. Okezie's village, Umuobiakwa Police Station. The discovery came as a result of story of the incident which was widely publicized to the point that a concerned unanimous individual alerted the family. IGP Ibrahim Kpotun Idris has assured Nigerians that the era of using the police to commit impunity is over. We shall see how his promise pans out with this as a test.

On getting to Umuobiakwa Police Station, the DPO, Mr. Musa sali Mohammed told the younger brother of now detained Uchechukwu Nwaogwugwul, Mr Otutu Aka Nwaogwugwu, to go and bring money before his elder brother could be released. He was sent away from the station by the DPO with another request to go and bring the documents of the land in dispute. The question that beckons for an answe from the DPO is: on what grounds are you keeping him? He told the DPO that the case is in court and more so, he does not know where the documents are. There & then, another chapter of impunity began. The DPO instructed his boys to detain his younger brother. This reign of terror and impunity must be stopped. Nigerians and all stake holders must rise up against Emperor Ikpeazu and his youth leader.

This act will consequentially send their 87 year old mother to her gave since her only two sons have been detained because they are too poor to provide money for their bails. However, bail for what? Someone who came home to attend to his court case the following day and was kidnapped and dumped at the Police station when the heat was on the master minders.

We once again call on the Director General of the DSS, Mr. Lawal Musa Daura , the IGP of the Nigeria Police, Mr Ibrahim Kpotun Idris and other concerned Nigerians, National and International human Rights groups to quickly intervene as the two brothers are already marked for liquidation for simply standing up for what belongs to them.

Finally, the Governor of Abia State must detach himself from this out law called John Chigoziri Chigbu who keeps using his name and office to perpetuate evil and lord himself over a regime of impunity.