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By Khalil Ibrahim Lawal
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Laylatul Qadr was established;that is why the Qur'an says:Inna Anzallnah Wu Fi laylatul Mubarak;"That the Qur'an was revealed on this holy blessed night;The night of # Destiny, the night of # Might and # Power ;the night that can change the course of our direction of our lives all together;This one night which is equal or more worthy than the entire life span of a human being. # Notice- How should we deal with this night? Every minute of this night should be precious and how we deal with it. Allah(swt) says in Surat Qadr that,"This night is the night of peace and tranquility;i the night of the Qur'an and the complete constitution towards mankind.

If you look at Surat Al-Qadr,some Ulammah (Scholars) say if you count the number of words it contains 30 words which equals the number of chapters in the Qur'an,and if you count the number of letters in the Qur'an;it equals 114 which is the number of Surat in the Qur'a.This is the beauty of the miracle of the Qur'an as far as its numerical superiority is concern. Allah(swt) says;"Until the advent of Fajar( # Dawn ) it is all peace throughout the night.

The importance things that you and i need to do in laylatul Qadr: In order to strengthen our relationship with Allah in our heart. Too often you and i are suffering with the disease of ignorance;heedlessness;this disease of being in a slumber mood,why? Because this spirituality: this change from within is not something that is encouraged in our atmosphere;in the environmen,in places that we necessarily go.

Laylatul Qadr is a glorious opportunity to rebegin and ignite a new fire in our heart as far as our relationship with Allah(swt) is concern. -We need to divide the holy night into the performance of recommended acts which are being highly encourage in the religion and in the books of supplications and Du'as. -We need to perform the two rakahat(prayer) in order to strengthen our comittement and our complete submission to Allah(swt).

We need to recite the Qur'an and the # Tawassul of the # Ahlulbayt thereby demonstrating that everything we do in our lives;every act;every movement is dictated by the Qur'an and the # Sunnah because they are the tools that have being left for us by the holy Prophet of Islam and if we adhere to them strongly we shall never go astray. -We need to take certain amount of this night for reflection and contemplation;and one of the most important act is # MUNAJAT:secret whispering between you and Allah(swt).Something that majority of us may not regularly do.

What is the difference between #Munajat and # Du'a? *Du'a is when you need something,is when you ask Allah(swt) or when you are in difficulty or you want Allah(swt) to bestow you with something. *Munajat is the conversation between the over and His beloved; between the individual who is thirsty and want to be quench with his thirst when it comes to Allah(swt) all encompassing love and # Rahama.

It is munajat that we demonstrate;that you and i should be conversing with Allah alone without any other individual and we open our heart to Allah (swt) -everything that we have kept this year:everything that exist in our heart; and we completely and humbly submit with sincerity, and we converse with the Almighty Allah.

#Notice-In Du'a Au Hamza Thumali which is powerful and have insightful meaning that if you and i understand what the immam is saying to Allah,i will indeed change us from within and transform us to a completely new beginning. And when we recite these du'as and whispering,that is to demonstrate our love toward Allah(swt):It is the source of spiritual cleansing that will indeed transform our heart from this darken unresponsive creation to the one that is open to the mercy of Allah (swt).

The remembrance of Allah needs to be revibrating in our heart;the need to be in constant remembrance of Allah. -Finally,in Du'a Kumail;we are told that "the name of Allah is the medicine and His remembrance is the cure." We have the medicine.Many of us don't look for the cure.

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