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Top 3 Ways To Get Rid Of Neck And Back Pain On Long Trips

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Nobody enjoys a long road trip, especially when traveling alone or for business. Aside from the boredom that you will have to deal with in the long run, the neck or back pain which ensues can make it all the more stressful and take away any possible delight.

Suffering from neck pain and back ache is all too common with long road trips and can be a real challenge and it can be confusing to figure out the right way to get relief. If you have a long trip coming up, consider the following advice from , and see if it helps you out.

Try and get comfortable immediately
Before you set out on a trip, ensure you pick the right spot with ample leg room and you have all your comfort accessories, including extra pillows, handy. Getting comfortable may take some effort on your part but finding what works best for you can bring quick relief. Ensure you empty your back pocket too. Reduce how often you reach for the steering wheel, as doing this can stress out your lumbar spine, neck, shoulder, and wrists. The moment you feel a discomfort or irritation, do all you can to offset it as the smallest irritant in the beginning of your trip can turn into raging pain later.

Warm up your muscles
A simple and easy fix for neck and lower back pain is by applying heat on the sore spot.Some vehicles have heated seats, which deliver a continuous low level of warmth and can be used to keep your lower back muscles warm. However, if you are making the trip in a private car, and you do not have such seats, you can plug a heating pad with a power converter into your cigarette lighter or dashboard power source and turn on your heating pad when you need it. Another option is to use a heat wrap that has adhesives and apply it directly onto your skin for continuous warmth.

Exercise your body
Sometimes, all you need to ease the neck or back pain while on the road is to get out of your car and stretch or move around. Your spine is designed to move, so sitting in one position in a car will stiffen up your back muscles and can lead to aches and possibly muscle spasm. Ensure you make stops for moving stretching. If the road is free and well tarred, you can do some planks too. The movement and exercise will stimulate blood circulation, which will bring nutrients and oxygen to your lower back accordingly and relieve any pain.