Why Mudavadi Is A Mcguffin In Politics Of Kenya

A Mcguffin is a Middle English word spoken often in Northern London. It means a person, an article, a character, an item, an actor, a player or any creature that is useless, its presence or absence has no consequences but it is ever there in the process.

It can be a character in the book, like the way Shakespeare used Rosalyn in Romeo and Juliet or those that act the role of others or extras in a movie and so forth. Politics has a lot of such characters, they remain neutral not that they mean being impartial, but they are buying time for cheap comfort in the stronger win to emerge so that they clutch to this winner in a dint of fully fledged sycophancy.

A Mcguffin is like Paul Muwanga of Uganda that managed to be a minister in all the governments from Obote to Id Amin to Yoweri Museveni. The political Mcguffin don’t support any course, they often pretend to be humanistic but they at most enjoy during the reign of tyranny and dictatorship.

Just the way Kalonzo Musyoka was politically prosperous during the dark days in Kenya under Moi’s brutal rule. During negotiation over any political matter, a political Mcguffin is usually stranded because he is not certain of which side to be, but after noticing the probable winning side, he rushes to support the winner by blaming the looser.

Unfortunately, Kenya’s politics today does not need a political Mcguffin, it needs honest men and women that say what they mean and mean what they say. The ones that are read to sacrifice their comfort to an extend of sleeping in the police cells not for any reason but for self-immolation into a flame that is purifying the society for the utilitarian goal of future stable democracy.

Kenya cannot achieve maturity of its governance through cowardice, selfishness and political indecisiveness, but through fortitude and passion of its leaders for freedom and equal economic as well as social opportunities for all in Kenya. Not the likes of Mudavadi that blame Johnston Muthama and Moses Kuria for coming out and say what they want for Kenya they love.

(Alexander Khamala Opicho
from Lodwar, Kenya)

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