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Nigeria is the poorest nation on planet earth… Ben Bruce

Source: Hope Efoghe/
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Ben Bruce has been calling out the government since it took over power, the entertainer, who is known to be outspoken is at it again.

Ben is fearless, it doesn't seem like he would be silent about the situation of the country any time soon.

Despite been a law maker, he is also a critic of the government, and the Mr. common sense himself is calling on the government again.

He declared the Nigeria as one of the poorest country in planet earth with the highest paid politicians.

Facing the reality, we can say Nigeria is actually the country with most paid politicians but been the poorest country, might just be an exaggeration.

In his words: “one of the poorest nations on planet earth should not have some of the highest paid politicians on the planet. How can we lead the poor when we feed from the poor? That is quagmire of Nigerian politics.”