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Oyo State At The Edge Of Collapse

By Kazeem Olalekan Israel GCAF
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It is disheartening that government after governments in Nigeria have always renege on their promise to make life more meaningful for the suffering masses, but, it is shameful that the same government is coming out with policies that is liable to make life more difficult for the people.

Recently, I read a news that the Government of Oyo State is about to privatize all the private schools in the state. Meanwhile, this is not only ridiculous, but, shows how confused Ajimobi is. A governor that always harmer free education, claiming that Awolowo is his leader now coming out with an outrageous policies to privatise all the Public Schools in the state in the name of generating income at the expense of the masses is condemnable.

We all know that one of the enduring legacies of Awolowo is free education, which he pursued till he died. Can we say that Ajimobi has excel in the educational sector? However, one can hardly hold Ajimobi for sending his children abroad for better education because, they know how bad the educational sector of the country is and are not readily prepared to proffer solution to the many challenges facing the educational sector.

Instead of proffering solution(s) they are ready to run the educational sector aground. But now, with the focus the APC as a party said they would give education, isn't it ironical for the ineffective Governor of Oyo State to come out with a policy of privatising all the schools in the state. If Ajimobi is not ready for governance, it would be better for him to resign himself because, it does not augur well for Ajimobi and his acolytes to be playing with our future.

Education shouldn't be turn to a privilege, it is our rights. And, denying us of our rights without the government providing the basic things that is needed for us is against all established laws and should be vehemently resisted by well- meaning Nigerians. It is clearly provided in the constitution that the welfare of the citizens shall be the primary objective of the government. I think it is against the constitution, logic and moral to now come out to scrap all the public schools in the state without putting into consideration those who cannot afford to send their children to private schools. It was Chief Obafemi Awolowo that declared in 1971 during the convocation ceremony of the then University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University that 'unless the country urgently go back to agriculture, our country may soon be importing food to feed the population.' But, the government and the people then turned deaf ears to the political prophet of that time, rather, the Udoji award made the few farmers to leave farming and migrate in large number to urban areas for white collar jobs. Today, we now import virtually everything, and, ridiculously enough, we imports toothpicks. If truly, Ajimobi wants to generate money for the state, he is not meant to do that at the detriment of the people. He needs to shift to agriculture and dashing out loans to farmers, empower them, that's the only way to make Oyo State to be great again. He needs to put the people into consideration and he needs to understand that education is a thing that should be made available and easily accessible for the people. Ajimobi's latest policy is anti-people, anti-children and anti-everything logic. It needs to be resisted. It is shameful that a government that claimed to love and cherish children would now come out to privatise the educational sector in the state. I don't know how you can totally commit to an issue if you really don't have a stake in it. Enough of experimenting with our own fate while yours are securely settled elsewhere. What social services would remain for this government to deliver to the people if it is allowed to abdicate its responsibility on education after reneging on promises willingly made to the people? Ajimobi is so low in integrity, he is impotent, self- serving, lost his sense of reasoning. Above all, his sense of humanity has been flushed away. This is a time to help resuscitate his lost sense. A time of reckoning shall surely come and the roles which individuals played clearly highlighted. SALUS POPULI EST SUPREMA LEX -Regard for the public welfare is the highest law. Kazeem Olalekan Israel (GANI)

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