Gov. Muhammed A. Abubakar's Stewardship Of Pain And Desolation

Since its creation in 1976, Bauchi state has been bedeviled by rogues in the guise of governors. Although the state has never had a leadership as bad as it currently does under Governor Muhammad A. Abubakar, sycophantically called M. A.

When he assumed office on 29th, May 2015. The enthusiasm and expectations that greeted the election of Gov. Muhammed A. Abubakar as the Executive Governor of Bauchi state seems to have gradually dissipated. Now there is a growing disenchantment with the government from every nook and cranny of the state by the people who voted en masse for the Governor they once saw as the man who will take the state to the promise land were honey and milk flow.

However, under Governor Muhammad A. Abubakar's watch, Bauchi state is only alive on the pages of newspapers, on television screens and radio airwaves.

Starting from May 2015 to May 2016, the state has witness the most darkest year in its history. The year can best be described as an era eaten by the locust. It was an era of total leadership collapse. It was an era of intimidation and open threat to the lives of defenceless people.

It is accurate to state categorically that in the past one year, Bauchi state was neglected, ransacked, robbed and abandoned. There is widespread bureaucratic corruption alongside administrative inefficiency, ineptitude and outright failure. His administration has left the people impoverished, traumatized and imperiled. There is nothing on ground to show that a government was here for complete one year.

The shameless governor ignored checks and balances and ruled by exercising a vast system of patronage. Under his reign the integrity of the state institutions were systematically corrupted and compromised. The governor, conveniently turned the state House of assembly into a chamber of yes men, business enterprise and parliamentary bazaar.

The Bauchi state Assembly according to the writer could better be described as a House of Trade and commerce hence assemblymen traded support and silence for financial favors.

Governor M. A. Abubakar also pays those who feed off crumbs from his table to come to social media platform to obfuscate facts and distort the reality in the state. Under M. A, Abubakar Bauchi state is dead and buried and yet to be reincarnate. (for details 08175977078). Tales of sorrow and gnashing of teeth permeates the entire state as citizens’ recounts their ordeals.

Governor Muhammed A. Abubakar is characterised by surrounding himself with friends and family members and making them rich to the detriment of the state.

It is a well acknowledge facts that the Governor's son Abubakar Sadiq (Bauchi de facto deputy governor) and wife Aisha Abubakar have buy up all the state's choicest properties, transfer the deeds of some government - owned properties to their own names, share the state monthly allocations from the federal government amongst themselves and their cronies while workers and pensioners wallow in misery and frustration.

Last week Civil Servants and pensioners in the state have taken to the streets to protest over the non-payment of their salaries and pensions. While the shameless Governor is busy looting and terrorizing perceived political foes, mostly those bold enough to speak out against the evilcratic and jezeberic agenda of his administration.

To be continued.......

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