1916 Easter Rebellion

In the land of Jonathan Swift,
The master of a word, verbal and printed,
The vast land of Ireland, at Britain’s Buttocks,

In the rains of Easter in the year ten nine one and six,

Glowed the fires and flames of freedom to burn the tyranny

Of British imperialitiy floating on the false ephoralty,

Thinning and culling sons and daughters,
Of the Irish blood from the blossoms
Of the then Europe the cradle
Of earth’s twilight,
Irish brother-hood wanted freedom,
And absolute freedom from British leechery,
To have Ireland genuinely eat the Irish labour
And British eat the their genuine sweat of their brow,

Without ruthless sucking of blood and sweat of otherness

In the bitchery of queen’s falstaffity as if other lands had no women,

But Britain was stubbornly in love with colonialism,

The devil of colonial terror reined its heart,
It worshipped nudging and elbowing
Of the neighbours away,
As if humanity
Was singly,
Ulsters vote, the home rule was vogue,
The sons of Ireland fought in all the wars of Europe,

But their hearts and heads were for BritshlessIreland,

They wanted catholic Ireland without Anglican spots

They wanted their clean dignity in politics and culture,

They wanted freedom form a plethora of British spies,

Lack of weapon and military brutality never barred
The sons of Ireland from demanding forfreedom,
They rebelled violently as human drones of then,
The cry of freedom was all over Europe and America,

Britain’s colonial-mania was shaken at the roots,

The queen was pissing twice an hour in total fear;
The loss of Ireland is a precursor for lost Scotland,

Britain would remain small like swine’s tongue,

But Ireland was fighting for the whole world,
Time had come to shed off the colonial yoke,
Africa and Asia were suffocating,
Under colonial parasitism of Britain,
Blessed be the Irish Easter Rebellion,
For it opened the colonized eyes,
Since then and now the world is free,
Pregnant of the old spirit in Dublin,
We rest assured free time is coming,
For the Scotland and Ireland,
To hang high a union jack,
In absolute freedom from Britain

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