What Nigerians Are Buying!

By Damola Ibiyemi

Buyers in Ogun State are keeping the reading culture alive by buying Books online, females in Edo state are spending big and keeping pace on latest iPhones from Apple, while males in the Northern part of Nigeria love to spend big on priced wristwatches, an infographic by eCommerce platform Kaymu shows.

Kaymu recently launched an interactive map showing the buying trends.

  • The interactive map covers all 36 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory.
  • It shows preferences based on gender
  • It shows the exact products consumers are demanding.
  • Females in Lagos spend more money online than males while the males buy more
  • Top 4 states with the most transactions are: Lagos, Abuja, Oyo, and Rivers states.

Are you curious about what people from your state are buying? As a prospective entrepreneur, do you need a guide on products and services to deal in? Check out Kaymu’s new interactive map. It is free and can be accessed through this link http://www.kaymu.com.ng/what-nigeria-buys/