Asaba Residents Send SOS To Police Commissioner And Governor Over Incessant Robbery Incidents Struggling Widow Robbed, House Set Ablaze!

By Chris Obios

In less than two weeks, a particular set of robbers have invaded a section of the Asaba Capital City of Delta State. The district so described as a combination of St Bright’s Secondary School, Institute of Continued Education and Ojugbana Drive has within this short period experienced over ten armed robbery life threatening incidents.

As at 3.30am of Wednesday 11th may, 2016, on the spot reports made available to Chris Obiemeyengo, Editor in Chief, ZN Nationale, a Delta based newspaper with focus on anti corruption and community watch, revealed that a house belonging to a widow was robbed and set ablaze by the intruders. This unfortunate incident is said to be the second time the widow has been violently attacked in less than two weeks.

In the first instance, the robbers were noted to have successfully taken away all valuables including telephone handsets, electronic gadgets, cash etc. On this repeat attack of last night, residents of the apartment including the widow were said to have passionately appealed to the robbers that they had nothing at home given that they were just recovering from losses incurred in the last incident.

According to an insider, it was at this point that the robbers feigned anger and set ablaze the widow’s house. Although all the security agencies in Asaba responded to the distress call including volunteers of Asaba Community policing but the intruders narrowly escaped as a stolen laptop was dropped whist the security agents gallantly tried to capture one of the robbers.

Sadly, efforts by the officers of the fire service to put off the blaze were unsuccessful as the house had been burnt from bottom to roof. This particular widow, according a resident is yet to recover from the loss of her husband, an immigration officer whom was mysteriously killed in service at Imo state command, few years ago. The said house which is situated by Allanah Charity Day care centre at the end of Ojugbana drive, off Ezenei Avenue is now a shadow of itself.

Furthermore, Information made available to Zion newspaper revealed that about two weeks before this dastardly incident, the residence of a former honourable member of the Delta State House of Assembly in the neighbourhood was robbed and the next week, the home of a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police was also invaded.

It is highly doubtful that these incidents were not duly reported to the authorities given the status of the persons affected but it is obvious that appropriate actions are yet to be taken. Residents of the community disclosed to Zion Newspapers that few years ago, the Nigerian police had a standby vehicle at the junction of Ojugbana Drive and within the said period, there were low incidents of robbery.

However, with the near absence of police in the area and regular attacks by armed robbers, the residents of the community have now called on the Delta state Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa in his capacity as the Chief Security Officer of the State to assist the police Authorities in erecting a permanent police post in the highly populated area as this will restore safety and enhance response time.

In addition, the Residents appealed to the State Government and kind spirited individuals to visit some form of reasonable compassion on the distressed widow and her children in order to grant them a new lease of life after the many tragedies they have faced in such a short period.

The information provided herein are a summary of views of Residents, reports of eye witnesses and suggestions regarding the incident. It is expected that the Delta State Public Relations Officer will provide the official position of the authorities on this detestable event. Chris Obiemeyengo, Editor in Chief, ZN Nationale, 08030853266