7 Things Every Nigerian Has Done But Would Never Admit

Source: Jovago.com

Nigerians like other citizens from countries all over the world are eternally human, and as such, there are times they have done very silly and maybe even embarrassing things they would never admit to others, so as not to lose their “good self”.

No matter how much they share either verbally with family and friends or on the social media, these acts are the ones that they would love to keep under wraps and maybe hope that they are not revealed until they move on to the afterworld…even though they are well aware that these little quirks make them normal people.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal reveals some of the embarrassing things ever people living in Nigeria does but will never admit to. Enjoy!

  1. Hustling for souvenirs they do not need

Many people love freebies and Nigerians are not left out of the loop. At almost every event: wedding, party or even funeral, you will see a number of Nigerians hustling to get their own share of the souvenirs being distributed. These souvenirs could be simple items like plastic cups, pens or handkerchiefs which they can easily afford or do not even need.

  1. Purchase something just because it is on sale

The average Nigerian will purchase an item because it is on sale and cheaper, not necessarily because they need it or need the quantity required to be purchased before the sales bonus is given. Most of the culprits who fall in the sales trap convince themselves that they will need it in the future and it is a wise purchase as they are saving money.

  1. Farting in public

Ok, this is not really just about Nigerians. Every human has had moments where they fought the battle of stifling gas in public only to have it escape their behind anyways. Some others however knowingly fart in public, especially when they are sure it would be a silent fart.

4. Take a second serving at a wedding
This is very common. Nigerians love party-jollof rice and will employ all sorts of tricks to get extra servings at parties, especially weddings. They could go as far as changing tables or seats so they can get served again.

  1. Make grammatical error in English

This is a no-brainer. Even the most educated Nigerian has at some point made a mistake in their English grammar or even spelling, but for some reason, this is one of the hardest things for Nigerians to admit! There really should be no shame in this, English is the country’s official language not their native language.

  1. Haggling with no intention of buying

The reasons why some Nigerians do this is unfathomable. They accost a seller and haggle with them on the price of their commodity, sticking to a price they know is unreasonable as they do not have intention of buying. This is very common in traffic situations. The hawker runs to meet the potential buyer, only to have him price the commodity and refuse to buy. There is a chance that this act is spurred by curiosity or even boredom.

  1. Eavesdropping on conversations

More on curiosity, almost every Nigerian has eavesdropped on a conversation that has nothing to do with them at some point in time. Nigerians are naturally curious and inquisitive and they like to gather knowledge. If you are having a private conversation with a friend and you find someone sitting close to you, who seems to be doing nothing and maybe just staring into space, chance are, the person is listening to your gist with his or her ears.