#MAY DAY: Government Should Seek Improved Welfare For Workers—Rt Hon Atunwa

By Rotimi Olawale

Today, May Day which has been globally set aside to celebrate workers and affirm the dignity of labour and uniting the work force of the world in a common struggle for economic and social progress.

The labour force is an important force driving Nigeria's economy; from the high ranking workers to the junior workers across board, their combined efforts in different areas account for our nation's sustainability.

As an integral part of the global working class movement. I urge labour unions to afford the opportunity of this May Day to strengthen salient work ethics among workers- integrity, diligence, hard work and focus.

If anyone tells you he loves Nigeria, yet hates labour, he is a liar. If any man tells you he trusts Nigeria, yet fears labour, he lies. Therefore, as a means of displaying our love and trust for Nigeria, lets invest our best in the labour that upholds our nation.

I urge the government to seek better welfare for workers, ensure their safety and security, basic facilities that make their work easier and motivate them with rewarding wages. Their struggle is our struggle.

Happy May Day.
Olawale Rotimi-Opeyemi
Special Assistant (Media and Communication) to Rt Hon Razak Atunwa

Chairman House Committee on Justice
Olawale Rotimi
B.A, M.A Ilorin, DELF Paris.
T: @RotimiLawale
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