Tee Billz, the Frog who refused to be a prince- Charles Novia

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Charles Novia is a master of analysis and he never fails to hit the nail where it belongs. After reading Tee Billz rants and Tiwa Savage's unprofessional presentation of their family saga as he dabbed it, he has some words for the couple especially Tiwa.
He said that there was a time Tiwa was arguably the biggest female act on he scene before perhaps a personal yearn for emotional fulfilment veered her off the path.

In trying to make a comeback, it hasn't been easy. The fans have
limited patience and other female rivals have come on the scene to give her a run for her talent and money.

He speaks about Tiwa "She wanted a fairy tale life, worked hard to build it but found out that she was kissed by a frog who didn't turn out to be the
Prince she desired. My sympathy would be on the truncation of that dream and really not the nightmare she woke up from. Because she created it with him. And it had its entertainment value for the fans who lapped it all up.

It's the classic case of the gullible girls always falling for the bad guys. And when you ask the question why such girls fall into that trap, they would reply that 'I thought I could change him. That he would change'. Shiooor! His father could not change him, his mother could not change him but it's you and your ikebe that will now change

The gods are wise! He added

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