Barr Lilian Stephen Nabe: The Adamawa Working Commissioner of Works

By Tom Garba, Yola

The common adage which stipulated that;"What a Man can do,a Woman can do even better", has stand to be truth as Barr Lillian Stephen Nabe has erudite the said adage with her hard working feat of helping and supporting Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow causing a mighty turn around in constructing roads and drainages in some major towns in the state under the Ministry of works.

Nabe became one of the Commissioner who believe in the vision,dream and passion Governor Bindow is having for the entire people of Adamawa state. She keyed in to the vision of renewing the old and new towns of the state with fast development in terms of roads constructions under watch.

Under one year Mrs Stephen change the face of Yola North, Yola South and Mubi. These are the most densely populated areas in the state and the economy of the state is revolving around this major towns. Given attention to this LGAs is a promise made that all other LGAs will adequately visited.

According to Nabe, her Peace Will never be in place if the entire roads in the state under her supervision is not touched,she must constantly persuade and rt remind the Governor of his dream of making Adamawa the best state in the country.

A step forward was made to have the second phase of roads construction,as procurement process has finally concluded to have Numan,Ganye and Kiri Shelleng roads to be constructed in no distance time.

Mrs Lilian who is a renown lawyer but her ingenuity and versility has turned her to be an executive Civil Engineer working around the cloak to make sure Adamawa is changing for good.

This Young women of vision,pledged her total loyalty to the leadership of Bindow describing him as the best Governor who meant well for the people of the state,stalking all she has to salvage the state from economy and development degradation

No doubt Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow has intelligently and with Wisdom have selected good commissioner to be his armor bearers. All the commissioner despite dwindling economy situation in the county are putting their arrow heads together to make sure things are working well and a glimpse of light of tomorrow is becoming more better.

She is Making a passion appeal to the people to be patience as soon as possible Bindow will definitely change Adamawa state to the envy of many people in the country.