Space-saving Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase


The average person hates packing for a trip . There really is nothing pleasant about it: the stress of folding, rolling and squeezing clothes in, the confusion of having to decide what to pack, the dilemma of trying to manage the space you have got and the fact that it takes all the time in the world!

No one wants an over-sized luggage, and so, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal suggests 4 simple yet highly effective packing hacks that will help any traveler organize their essentials much easier.

Roll your clothes, do not fold
The general method for packing clothes is folding. While folding plays a huge role in ensuring your clothes are organized and crease is limited, they can also be the reason you do not have enough space for the other stuff. Rather than fold your clothes, consider rolling instead. Rolling may require more effort, but it surely saves more space compared to folding.

Pack items inside your shoes
Shoes are usually the most difficult to pack, especially if they are made of leather or sterner materials. The shoes however can offer good space to pack smaller items as the holes in them can hold little items that won’t fit in your toiletry bag, like socks.

Place the heavy items on the bottom
Most people do not care to check the weight of the items they throw in their bags or boxes. They jumble all sorts of item together, even placing some of the heaviest on the top, making it hard to squeeze in extra items or zip the luggage up. Endeavour to pack your heaviest items on the bottom and work your way up to the lighter items, that way, your bag will have an easier time compressing into the compartments.

Avoid little pouches and purses
While packing, the idea of keeping certain items in separate pouches or purse may seem cute or give off a super organized look, however, they are not very helpful for managing space. Rather than use little bags like toiletry and make-up bags, squeeze them into the nook and crannies of your bag or whatever little space they can fit into.