46 Years Old Marriage Quagmire Of A University Don Resolved

By Tom Garba, Yola

The 46 years Marriage quagmire between Prof Benki S. H. Womboh of Federal University of Technology (MAUTECH) Yola, and Mrs Grace Shikav Ayoo of Nbakaayan kuduv district of Buruku LGA council in Benue was laid to rest and resolved by the Tiv Traditional council in Benue.

The Professor of Library and information science who through a press release issued in Yola described the situation as a breakthrough which defied legal,religion relations,colleques and individuals efforts, who they were standing toed and nailed to broker Peace but all to no avail.

According to Womboh between 1975 and August 2015 it was a scene of a lot of water had passed under the Bridge and go several miles a way from him, as frantic efforts were made to resolve it by visiting the Synagogue church of all Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos,Olumba olu Obu (OOO) in Calabar and visiting the Holy land (Jerusalem) but no success was recorded. But rather discovered a more efforts by Grace Shikav Ayoo and her six (6) children are planing to kill him the more.

To him its a much of a miracle,as on that fateful day of March this year a call came in through his Phone that his attention is needed in Benue, lo and behold it was away out of the long turbulent marital crisis that was hitting the rocks.

" I, one morning, got a phone call from Chief Iveren Swase who informed me about the positive developments. Mr Atile Ayoo, the Head of Ayoo Aju Family also phoned me and disclosed outrightly that he was willing to hand over Grace Shikav Ayoo as my wife together with her six children as my children". Womboh said

"Chief Iveren Swase further explained to me that according to Tiv Custom and Culture, a person does not migrate in the Stomach (womb) until he/she is born. So, if a man marries a pregnant woman, the child born becomes his, simplicita!!As this was exactly the type of family settlement I loafed for, I quickly asked Chief Iveren Swase to fix the handing over date, which was Monday 28th March 2016". He added

The settlement occasion was presided over by Chief Iveren Swase, the District Head of Shorov. The Shorov Traditional Council, which was in full session, was made up of the following and all traditional cabinet members were in attendance.

Notable among them were Iveren Swase Chairman, Ortar Kayol Terhemen,Mrs. Victoria Akaakohol Apaa and Shorov elders led by Baba Tughile Ako

Womboh who is a Pastor in the Church of the Brotherhood sign and cross, aka Olumba Olumba said his joy no knows bounds as his Family members were formally reunited with him,appreciating the tremendous efforts made by the Shorov Traditional Council, the family members and friends in resolving the 46 years old marriage quagmire." To God be the glory "

Recall that Professor Benki S. H. Womboh divorced his wife Mrs Grace Ayoo over alleged threat to life and

marriage unfaithfulness,went as far as swearing an affidavit in a Federal High court of Nigeria sitting in Yola to disown

them, stressing that he was fed up with their marriage.