President Buhari Is Not A Fool

By Usman Mohammed

"Under our own eyes, we have seen Saraki going to CCT with 90 lawyers and more than 60 Senators though the number of Senators reduced to 30 and then 10 as the trial progresses. We have seen the day to day proceedings in the Senate being disrupted as a result of Saraki’s travails.

The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has attempted to amend the Code of Conduct Tribunal law. The Senate has tried to invite Justice Danladi Umar of CCT to the Senate in an attempt to scuttle Saraki’s trial.

In the National Assembly (both Senate and House of Reps) the 2016 Budget has suffered lots and lots of mutilations and balkanization all in the bid to favour themselves, and not Nigerians and this has led to delays in giving Nigerians what APC promised.

The crisis in the National Assembly especially the Senate has slowed down the business of governance; it has affected every Nigerian. It has proved to us that majority in the National Assembly are there to help themselves and not Nigerians. If more than 60 Senators can muster the courage to follow Senator Saraki to the CCT in the name of solidarity for a purely criminal offense, what are we talking about in this country?

Can President Buhari fight corruption with these Senators in the Senate building? Can our courts function with this kind of criminal conspiracy and gang up? Can we deliver our change mantra under this criminal gang up? Few years back somebody said “Nigeria was governed by two kinds of leaders. A fool surrounded by idiots or an idiot surrounded by fools”. Today we have moved away from this.

President Buhari is no fool or idiot and those around him are no idiots and neither are they fools. Those who still think it is still business as usual in Nigeria cannot get it and mark my word they will burn their fingers."

Usman Mohammed. Department of Mass Communication,

IBB University, Lapai-Niger State. 07060815443

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