My body eating Millions of Nairas to get Desired Goal-Maheeda


Is Maheeda undergoing any body enhancement surgery. It will not be surprising for the lady who is not slowing to show off her body without shame. She has revealed that she has spent a lot of money on her body and is willing to spend more millions to get that perfect body.

We will know when she is done, she bragged. Her ultimate goal is to look like a goddess:
'My body is my business and is eating millions of nairas just to get to my desired goal almost there.
When I'm done, you will know I don't need to say it. Hahahaha.. Then is back to business full time baby , you can be a black Barbie if you want , Na your money kill am …"

Few days ago,Maheeda offered to give her drooling fans the platform where they can have private video chats at cost. She was explained “My time/attention costs money,” she wrote, adding, “love it or hate it, that's how it is now.”

She had abandoned her music career: “Who is asking me to sing again,” she asked and said, “please let me do the nude pics, don't try to embarrass me joor … all I'm looking for is money!”