Too bad! Naija did not appreciate Me- Toni Payne


There was a time Toni Payne was just known as that great publicist in Nigeria. So many years ago until she become the wife of 9ice. Things fell apart when the marriage crush and everyone stopped talking about how good she is but about the drama that followed afterwards.

She has moved on with her life to do something. How we miss her as a publicity who goes for those talents that were not known. In some tweets, she has bare her mind to Nigerians about her present state.

“I THINK I wanna dabble with being a publicist… But I will only work with those who want exposure in the USA. Kinda miss that hustle . IMO I was one of the best music publicists that worked the industry in recent times.. Too bad Naija did not appreciate what I was tryna do. No encouragement, just drama after drama.”

She added “ Discouraging! Glad I got out of that setting, now I'm realizing my potentials elsewhere . What made me different was I chose to ONLY work with unknown talent. I hustled hard for everyone I decided to work with...Then they tried to reduce my hard work to someone's ex wife… Lol.. I don't blame people that choose to stay away. the bad belle is 3 much.”

She is sad seeing some talented artists waste “Never again though! Just sad that I see some talented artists I'd love to work with but to avoid NG drama I unlook”