MSSN Lagos To Unveil Modern Model For Youth Training.......Urges Trainers to upgrade Knowledge

By Muslim Students Society Of Nigeria || MSSN Lagos

The Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit has urged trainers and educationists to upgrade to the modern trend of training youth for effective output.

Amir (President) of the MSSN Lagos, Mallam Saheed Ashafa said this in a press statement ahead of the group's annual Mentors' Forum expected to hold on Saturday, April 16.

The Mentors' Forum, which will be holding across five divisions - Mainland, Ikorodu, Ojo, Agege and Mushin - in Lagos, has its theme as, 'Modern Trend in Youth Mentoring'.

According to Ashafa, many youths in the country are misled because they do not have direct access to proper training and necessary information.

He said, "Current trend in the country as regards youth distraction calls for a strategic approach. This can be through mentoring or training but ‎either of the method to be adopted must align with modern ways and practice.

"Many trainers are yet to realise that there is a huge gap between the intellectual weapons they have to engage the youths and the challenges the youths are facing in our multi-facet society. This gap is what we intend to close through our Mentors' Forum.

"During the programme, we will be designing a model that meets the modern trend of mentoring. We will also be training the trainers and exposing them to ‎ modern realities in mentoring. After the training, we are optimistic that lives of many young people will be shaped for nation building. Also, ‎ large number of youths engaging in aimless activities will be redirected to purpose driven endeavours.‎"

The MSSN Lagos leader subsequently challenged gover‎nment at all levels to increase investment in youths.

He explained that ‎a situation where government failed to promote academic and morally inclined programmes would retard the intellectual capacities of youths.

Ashafa added, "‎One of the modern challenges faced in training youths is the misplaced investment choice made by government. The current trend of giving greater support to social skills ahead of educational or vocational needs to be corrected. No doubt, Nigeria government may need to promote social skills but not at the detriment of educational development of youths.

"As a society, we take youth development as a priority and we urge government to emulate and support this drive through sponsorship and friendly policies. In a situation where government sees this kind of programme as a social activity and refuses us the use of their venues, it may be difficult to actualise our goal of re-defining the youths."

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