MSSN Lagos Enlightens 1,500 Females On Right Protection‎

By Muslim Students Society Of Nigeria || MSSN Lagos

No fewer than 1,500 females have been enlightened on the need to protect their human right of dressing to the dictate of their religion.

The females were tutored during the annual Sisters' Enlightenment Programme (SEP) organised by the Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit (MSSN Lagos)‎.

Speakers at the programme, which was themed, 'Ipso Facto', instilled confidence in the participants, saying that wearing of Hijab (Islamic headscarf) was their constitutional right.

The participants were also charged to maintain a dogged stance on wearing of the Headscarf regardless of the humiliation faced by them.

Among the speakers at the programme were the Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Hon. Abdul-Lateef Abdul Hakeem; a Senior Medical Officer, General Hospital Epe, Dr. Bilqees Atobatele; and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Accounting, Lagos State University, Hajiah Khadijah Idowu.

The speakers expressed concern over the recent rate of harassment of Muslim females for putting on Hijab.

They also urged the participants to ensure that they emerged outstanding in their endeavours, adding that that would help to correct misconceptions about the Hijab.

While giving the keynote address at the event, Abdul Hakeem described the Hijaab as an identity that distinguishes the Muslim females from others in the world.

To prove the uniqueness of the Islamic headscarf, the Commissioner encouraged Muslim females to exhibit the right attitude that befits their status.

On her part, Dr. Atobatele, decried discrimination and derogation of that Muslim females while adorning the Hijab.

She said, "People generally like to make fun of us whenever we appear in our Hijab. But we should remain steadfast, upright and shouldn't be discouraged in any way. We know that we are following the dictates of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (PBUH). Our goal is Al-Jannah, hence we should keep all these in mind when we step outside in our Hijaab.

"The Hijaab is the Ipso Facto. It is a fact that has been established on earth by Allah, the Most High and propounded by His Prophet (PBUH), so we should know that we are special creatures of Allah and are different and unique in every way. It doesn't, in any way, stop us from achieving our goals and becoming the best we could possibly be."

Hajiah Idowu advised the sisters on striving for academic excellence, adding that "Allah is Perfect and He loves that we strive for the perfection of anything we engage in.

"We should be seen as frontiers of academic excellence in all the learning institutions that we belong to and we should always remember that as ambassadors of Islam, we have a responsibility to project the perfect and pristine Islam to the world."

Amirah (Female Head), Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit, Hajiah Hafsah Badru, said the choice of the theme, 'The Ipso Facto' was to emphasise the importance of the Hijaab.

A participant at the event, Kifayah Mustapha, commended the organisers of the programme, saying, "I have really learnt so much today. And now, I see myself differently as a unique creature of Allah. My coming to this programme has changed my life completely and I realise now that my Hijaab is my life."

Some of the major highlights of the event were drama presentation that portrayed the dilemma sisters sometimes face, as regards the acceptance of their Hijaab by families or the world in general; and an Ewi (yoruba oral poetry) presentation extolling the divine attributes of the Hijaab.

Mu'Sodiq Adekunle
Head, Editorial MSSN Lagos
[email protected]