Stop Spending Tax-Payers' Money On A Wild-Goose Chase—NNP

By News MediaNaija

A group, The New Nigeria Patriots, have called for the supension of the trial of the former CDS, Alex Badeh saying the government should not be spending tax-payers money on a wild-goose chase. Speaking to Journalists after today's court session, the National Coordinator of the group, Samuel Ndubuisi, drew the attention of Nigerians to the contradictory statements from the Prosecution witness Air Commodore Salisu Abdullahi Yushua (rtd), as evidence that some people are just desperate to nail the former CDS.

"How can somebody in one breadth say he personaly gave N558 million monthly to the former CDS which he in turn converted to personal use all for us to find out from his statement to EFCC, that he enumerated the projects for which the same funds were used for."

In the man's statement to EFCC dated 4th February 2016, he said the funds were used for projects like the completion of NAF aeronautical Center, Construction of officer and air men accommodation, equipping of NAF hospitals in Abuja, Lagos, Jos, Makurdi and Kano"

The man has evidence that he received money to give to Badeh, but does not have evidence to show he gave same to the former CDS and today can no longer remember the amount he gave him.

How can EFCC tell Nigerians that the former CDS was arrested and is standing trial for his involvement in diversion of money meant for the purchase of arms all for us to discover that their is no mention of the arms deal in his charge sheet.

How can EFCC claim in the press that they discovered $1million in somebodys house and up till today have not made mention of it on the charge sheet. Does the law permit any agency to search somebody's house in his absence. Suggesting that the said house was searched in the Presence of NEIGHBOURS show they are desperately creating an alibi for a non-existent discovery.

Evidence also show that the said house does not belong to the former CDS.

The media trial has only succeded in putting the Nigerian military to ridicule and must be stopped.

The group said they are in support of the governments current anti-corruption drive but insists they should stop distracting Nigerians with the current media show.

"Such cases that lack substance should be discontinued in public interest", they insist.

They urged the government to direct its attention to solving the nations challenges rather than embarking on a wild-goose chase.