Citizens Role As A Way Out Of The Fuel Crisis

By Nelson Ekujumi

Democracy can be defined as government of the people, by the people and for the people. From the above definition, one can see that the role of the citizens in ensuring the sustenance of democracy, peace and order in any society cannot be overemphasized because they are the ones who give legitimacy to any process through their participation.

Without the citizens support and collaboration with government to ensure the success of any venture or exercise, such an activity will definitely be sabotaged and thus undermining the accomplishment of its goals and objectives, no matter how noble.

In the last few weeks, Nigerians, nationwide have had to bear the brunt, both physically and psychologically of a recurring and embarrassing fuel crisis, of which the time has come for the citizens to complement government efforts in resolving it through monitoring and reporting of saboteur petrol stations hoarding, selling above the official price of N86.50k and into Jerry cans and kegs, at the expense of law abiding and queuing motorists who are subjected to the pains and agony of long hours of endless wait.

Thus, if you see any petrol station, selling fuel above the official price or into jerry cans or hoarding the products by refusing to sell or making use of a few pumps after receiving fresh supplies, please if possible take photographs with your camera phone stating the name, location and the infractions of the law being committed by the station and send to the numbers below through both calls and sms.

You can also report any major marketer committing such illegality to their head office complaint lines, note the numbers of the major marketers will be attached to their petrol stations while the independent marketers should be forwarded to the independent marketers number.

Please take note that the supervising agency for complaints is Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) whose numbers is stated immediately below, but you can complement DPR by reporting also to the Oil companies petrol stations mentioned below, if you find them undermining the resolution of the fuel crisis.

DPR reporting numbers
Report filling stations selling above fixed or illegal deals on fuel ⛽

Conoil Plc. 08055576582
MRS. 07034120035
MRS. 08075191582
MOBIL. 08035250244
MOBIL. 08035250250
OANDO. 07058993179
TOTAL. 08057276032
The time for citizens action is now!