David Mark: Celebrating An Icon At 68

By Daniel Omaga

On this historic day, Sixty-Eight years ago in the ancient town of Otukpo, a child was born. As sounds of his cry echoed through the airwaves of the then county town, his mother filled with tears of Joy, smiled, looked down on him and called him ‘Alechenu’ meaning ‘I never expected this’. Names are indeed revelations from God and the true identity of man. This is epitomized by the way Mark rose from grass, went through the ranks to become a political Hercules, a priceless jewel in Idoma land and Nigeria in general.

For young Nigerians like us who have keenly accessed the leadership acumen of Distinguished Senator (Dr.) David Alechenu Bornaventure Mark, GCON, it is semblant that recent events have only served to guaranty his position as an undisputed political leader of the Idoma nation within and outside his party and he must be encouraged to exhibit this divine anointing in the overall interest of the country. He has already written his name in inexpungible medium and if the scenario were repeated a thousand times now and in the next world, Mark’s name will be synonymous with democracy.

Like the proverbial goldfish, that has no hiding place, Mark’s contributions to the political advancement and growth of Idoma land, Benue State and Nigeria at large have dignified him as a trailblazer, mentor and an achiever within the extinct iconoclastic colony of genuine and patriotic African leaders. Today, the harvest of political recognition, employment, educational and sports advancement that the Idoma nation has attained is greatly credited to the man with the Mark of biblical David.

His wisdom has been brought to bear at various points of our country’s political history, prominent among which is the invocation of the “doctrine of necessity” that salvaged Nigeria of a pending political calamity. This sterling quality was further buttressed by his ability to have presided effectively over the Nigerian senate for eight (8) years, having being in the red chambers since the return to democracy in 1999, and a feat that qualifies him as one of the heroes of our nascent democracy.

For want of time, one may not be able to chronicle the achievements of the Okpokpowulu ki’ doma. However, it is very paramount to state at this juncture that he should not relent in his quest to emancipate the Idoma nation who have been perpetually marginalized at the state. Although, unfair and unjust criticisms are imminent, he must continue to show unprecedented capacity for tolerance, understanding, forgiveness and allow God to fulfill His promise as stated in Psalm 68:1-2.

In whatever he thinks he could have done better, as a father, a leader and a representative, he should not hesitate to make amends to enable him emerge an even better person. He must continue to give listening ears to the people. The older the wine, the better it becomes and at such, this is not the time to feel old but rather renewed for greater responsibilities which lie ahead.

Happy birthday the Okpokpowulu Ki’ doma!
Comrade Omaga Elachi Daniel.

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