Exposed: Former Manager, Dankulee Calls Oritse Femi “Lucifer”

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

There have been serious issues going on with singer, Oritse Femi on the ownership of the MSN gang logo which he co-started with his former manager, Dankulee.

Recently, the singer had gone on social media rant asking singer Rayce to take off the logo from his single which he has been using to promote his music.

He went on to share documents to affirm he is the real owner but rather than make more trouble with him, Dankulee, has come out to warn the singer describing him as “Lucifer” to respect himself as he sure knows the real truth of who owns the logo.

According to Dankulee, “hmm, Lucifer!!! Please respect yourself and be true to yourself ok Oritse Femi. MSN-Gang belongs to me so stop threatening my artist Rayce.”

Meanwhile, Racye, has acted maturely in the whole situation as he thanked Oritse Femi for remembering after all these past years as he hopes the right authority will handle the logo issue without involving him.

Oritsefemi seems to be scared about the whole issue he has created as he has since deleted his accusation post.