Nigerian billionaires: Seven Energy clarifies Aluko's shareholding status in oil & gas company

By The Citizen

An independent Nigerian integrated oil and gas development, production and gas distribution company, Seven Energy, has clarified the shareholding status of Kola Aluko in the company.

A statement from Seven Energy through its Public Relations agency, Caritas Communications Limited, made available to THE CITIZEN Nigeria, explained that Aluko 'has a shareholding interest, acquired before 2010, of less than 1% in the Company' and therefore media reports which portrayed Aluko as a 'leading shareholder of Seven Energy and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) are inaccurate and misleading', adding that 'there is no such portfolio as (DCEO) in Seven Energy'.

The statement added that 'Seven Energy would like to clarify that whilst Kola Aluko was a previous director and employee of Seven Energy, he has had no involvement in the running of, management of, or Board of the Company since 30th November 2011'.

In media reports last Saturday, Kola Aluko was listed among Nigerian billionaires. In addition to his links with Seven Energy, he was also reported to have founded Fossil Resources, an oil trading firm, in 2001 and went on to become the CEO of Exoro Energy- an indigenous oil exploration and production firm.