Top 5 Nature Friendly Hotels In Ghana


“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home’’ - Gary Snyder.

To many, nature is a far away, very distinct aspect of life. Fortunately, nature is so close, by we can even feel it by just the opening of one door or a few metres walk. The importance of nature or it’s many benefits to mankind is usually under emphasized. Unfortunately, many of our homes and accommodation options are not nature-friendly enough. This may be attributed to more emphasis being laid on style and luxury rather than nature. Jovago , Africa’s largest inventory of hotels brings you 5 of the top nature friendly hotels in Ghana in no particular order.

  1. Axim Beach Resort and Hotel, Western region

Axim Beach Resort and Hotel is a beach resort situated at Axim, Ghana. Guests enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean from their rooms. Coconut trees and paved gardens lead to the beach. Rooms are made and decorated with as many natural materials as possible. Each room is built like a hut but with a modern touch and a thatched roof. Birds fly around throughout the day and the splashing sounds from the ocean at night makes this resort a very naturally friendly destination for travelers who need a place to relax.

2. Water Front Paradise Resort , Sogakope

Water Front Paradise Hotel overlooks the Volta River in Sogakope, Ghana . It is characterized by a river view where guests can watch the river and the great sunset view from the comfort of their rooms. A boat cruise is also available for guests who wish to go on the river at certain times of the day. The breeze at night is just amazing and across the river is an island which is eco friendly and travelers can go shallow hunting. The trees and plants in the hotel also make it cool and cozy for relaxation. If you are a fan of water, this is the best place to be.

3. Sealane Hotel, Prampram

Sealane Hotel is located in Prampram, Ghana. The hotel which is in close proximity to the beach. It has a well structured garden walkway with thatched summer huts where guests can sit to have meals, drinks or just have a conversation. The pool area is also designed such that it has coconut trees and many flowers around it to give you a natural feel when swimming. The hotel is very close to the beach and guests can have walks on the beach or enjoy boat rides with the fisher folk.

4. Korama Lodge, Aburi

Korama Lodge is situated in Aburi, Ghana . The lodge boasts a well manicured garden and spacious rooms. It is situated on the high mountains of Aburi and makes for a very cold environment especially in the early mornings and late evenings. Korama Lodge is a 10-minute walk from Botanical Garden which features several natural elements such as trees, flowers, birds, insects and green vegetation. The compound at Korama Lodge is beautifully decorated with several plants and flowers to boost the aesthetic value of this hotel. Trees are also well planted in the lawns and makes for a great place to relax under some good shade while reading or surfing the internet.

5. Brenu Beach Lodge

Brenu Beach Lodge is located at Brenu, Takoradi . The lodge offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and excellent seafood. With probably the most well kept beach in the country, the Brenu Beach Lodge offers guests a very naturally friendly place with the many coconut trees, lawns and access to the beach. In addition to the ocean view, guests also have the needed security to walk along the beach at night or have the sunset view of the horizon which is breathe-taking. Brenu Beach Lodge is a 20-minute drive from Elmina and Cape Coast Castles, a 40-minute drive from Kakum Rainforest and a 5-minute walk from UNESCO World Heritage Site (Bird Sanctuary).