“Is CAFÉ A Scam?”

By Emeka Ozumba

Our attention has been drawn to another malicious concoction from the stable of hired social media jobbers with a penchant for absurd posts that defy all known rules of modern communication to target the First Family in Anambra State. Our initial reaction was to ignore the diatribe but for the fact that some less discerning readers may lap-up the fabrication as the truth.

One Victor Eneh and his co-travellers are obviously anxious for a salacious story and decided to cook-up fairy tales about the Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ), a non-governmental, nonpartisan organization set up by the wife of the Governor of Anambra State with a vision to be the beacon of sustainable empowerment for indigent widows, women and the less privileged. Eneh's “Tales by moonlight” claim that CAFÉ draws it budget from the Anambra State Ministry of Women Affairs is a blatant lie. CAFÉ is not funded by Anambra State Government. The NGO partners with the Ministry like other organizations when it needs to mobilize Anambra women-folk for empowerment.

Another fabulous embellishment of the tale is the claim that an unnamed source purportedly made a post which only the author of this falsehood saw on the world-wide web before it was yanked-out. How fantastic? The said post allegedly suggested that each CAFÉ House for Indigent Widows project, “2-Bedroom apartment costs 43.1 million Naira.” The claim is the worst lie ever told and a fabrication by a busybody who unfortunately lacks the discipline for a little spade work and the respect for decency and good breeding. The fact is there was no such post.

The ridiculous claim over the cost of each building is a cruel lie. It is a disingenuous attempt to mislead Ndi Anambra and incite them against CAFE. The fact is that the activities of an NGO like CAFÉ is not hidden, any genuinely interested party can write formally to access the records and accounts of CAFÉ. The glaring truth is that the donors are getting their well-deserved credit for touching lives through CAFÉ.

Again, Anambra State does not fund CAFÉ. CAFÉ’s charity projects are funded with donations and support from philanthropists from within and outside Anambra State. It is therefore immoral and callous for anyone to allege otherwise.

It may be of interest to note that Anambra sons like Chief Engr. Arthur Eze, Sir Ernest Obiejesi, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, amongst many others donate to the course while our hard working Governor, Chief Willie Obiano had long pledged his monthly salary to this cause.

Already courtesy of such men and women of goodwill indigent widows got free houses in towns like Alor, Agulu, Nri, Enugwu Otu, Ogbunike, Umunya, and Amorka with others still under construction; even our environment is getting cleaner with toilets springing up in community markets.

It may interest those bent on taking rather than giving to the needy, that in barely two years of existence, CAFÉ has impacted positively on that segment of Ndi Anambra through its various programmes. These include;

CAFÉ Housing for Indigent widows in each Senatorial zone, CAFÉ Market Toilet projects, Skills and Empowerment training for over 2000 women in Tailoring, Confectionery, Hairdressing, Soap Making Health Services and Phone Repairs. CAFÉ also gives free Prosthetic Limbs, Wheel chairs and mobility aides were distributed to over 800 physically challenged; free Cleft Lip/cleft palate surgeries for children with congenital mouth deformities, as well as the rescue and care for 60 mentally challenged persons at a home in Nteje amongst other ongoing programmes.

Rather than peddle such falsehood just to smear a noble initiative, everyone is invited to contribute to the promotion of the welfare of some categories of Ndi Anambra who are served by CAFÉ and other charities.

Emeka Ozumba
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor (Media)