On The Road To Golgotha: PDP, Politics, Poli-Tricks And Politicking

Who knows, maybe the funeral dirge of the once biggest party in Africa must have been composed by the time you finish reading this article. The fatal crash of PDP from the zenith of glory to the bottomless pit of disgrace and rejection will remain a topic for students of political science and a hand writing on the wall for any political party that will espouse the “tolotolo” philosophy of the ruinous PDP that kept urinating on Nigerian masses for sixteen years and claiming it was blessings from above: the rain.

The fate of PDP after it lost the presidential poll reinstated the memory of a drama that unfolded before me as a teenager. Growing up in those days was fun and schooling in the prestigious Saint John Bosco College Doma was the biggest prayer point of any young child in Nasarawa State.

With Government Girls Secondary School, Government College and other Government Day Schools, Doma was a republic of students. Our school, been a catholic mission school and a boys boarding school was like a one eyed man in the land of the blind. of course, we claimed kingship over other schools and acted kingly. By the time we got Senior Secondary one, most of us were already caught in the boyfriend – girlfriend web. I was not particularly interested in girls and I left Senior Secondary School as the only person out of more than fifty of us in my class that never had a girlfriend.

Well, I am not championing any cause for my beatification for I am far from been a saint because I was actually involved: I wrote majority of love letter for my friends and also helped in delivering the letters on behalf of those of them who were not bold enough to confront girls. I was damn courageous in those days that even as an S.S one student I could summon an S.S three student from GGSS and speak to her on behalf of my friend. If I am bordering you with this long “tori”, it is because what has befallen PDP also befell one of the most admired girls in Doma in those days.

Well, when she greeted me with all sense of respect like a real African diva she ought to be at the Cathedral, not even in my wildest imagination did I fathom that a girl who treated my classmates like lepers because she preferred swimming around with Alhaji’s will be addressing me as her elder brother after four years I left Doma. Hear her: ‘Hey! Senior bros good afternoon sir’. I reciprocated generously but when I realized who she was, I was moved with pity.

The once most sort after girl in town was taking refuge in the chapel, an opposite picture of her once rosy and beautiful self. For those who have not seen a rainbow before, her face was a perfect representation of a coat of many colours as one of my friends described her. She was just so ugly that I doubt if I could accept her as a slave if we were still in the dark ages.

This ex-beautiful girl in question had every opportunity of making it to the hall of fame as a teenager but she arrogantly abused the privileges and opportunities she got. Her story and the messy state of PDP will always remind all sane minds that pride comes before a fall. Who ever imagined that PDP will end up in the dustbin of failed parties just after sixteen years when Prophet Vincent Ogbulafor prophesied that the party will remain in power for sixty years? Nigeria has seen a lot as a country and Nigerians have passed through a lot: Say the ugly, the messy and the bad.

From the more you look, the less you see regime of the Minna evil genius, the heartless and tyrannical rule of the goggle wearing tyrant, Nigerians have not been fortunate to have a philosopher king. However, when the goldmine in-between the legs of Indians divas delivered us from the cancerous, kleptomaniac dictator by fast forwarding his journey to the pit of hell, Nigerians began to have a second thought. There was a ray of hope that a Nigeria that have been serially raped and abused will soon regain her lost glory.

This was the mood of Nigerians when the wizard of Otta was selected (not elected) as the President of the Republic in 1999. Nigerians did not allowed the magomago and wuruwuru to borrow the lexicon of Humphrey Nwosu that led to his emergence as PDP candidate in Jos to cage their high hope. Pitiably, Nigerians soon realized that the Mafias the handpicked OBJ to fly the PDP presidential flag had other agenda than the wellbeing of Nigerians. The first eight years rule of the PDP left soar taste in the mouth of Nigerians.

It was a perfect representation of the old wine in a new wine skin because it remained business as usual. In governance and government there was a total absence of rule of law and constitutionalism. Put bluntly, after eight years, Nigerians realized that in 1999, they had danced themselves lame like the proverbial antelope before the main dance.

In short, the eight years messianic rule of the landlord of Otta republic was a perfect disaster. Then came our beloved Yar’adua who despite the bad politick and PDP championed electoral fraud that brought him to power was ready to reposition things but Allah loved him so much that he was called back to heaven to the displeasure of Nigeria and Nigerians that loved him dearly.

What PDP and GEJ did to Nigeria will remain the greatest dis-service a college of shameless and kleptomaniac cabals will do to their father land after the likes of Mobotu,Bokossa, Abacha and the late monster from Uganda left the stage. The PDP was a conclave of criminals who found absolute joy in celebrating criminality. Was it political assassination, character assassination, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, ethnicism or rigging and imposition, indiscipline, the PDP was always at her best in promoting all form of cancerous evils?

Activists rebuked, the clergy admonished, Royals complained, the masses expressed dissatisfaction but the political buccaneers in PDP were satisfied provided the programmes and projects PDP promoted satisfied the taste of their bottomless pockets. In her impunity and rascality, the PDP forget that everything that has a beginning has an end. And, the day of nemesis came and like mansion built on quick sand, the PDP came crumbling like a pack of card.

The innovation of Prof. Jega Attahiru, rendered impotent the magical wand that ruinous party used in selecting the minions they imposed on the people as leaders. Things are no long at lease for the PDP having been swept away by the Buhari tsunami in the last general election.

Despite the fact that things have fallen apart for the PDP, Ali Modu Sheriff, the controversial doyen of Borno PDP and the new Sheriff of the PDP is promising a paradigm shift from the ugly past. But the question begging for answer is “will a snake stop giving birth to something long ?”.

Martin-Hassan EZE Yelwa Yauri- Kebbi State 08164148181

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