The Problem With Nigerian Youths

By David Adejumo

It is an established fact that almost every Nigerian tend to blame the Government for virtually all the challenges confronting Nigeria, ranging from corruption, unemployment, power problem, tribalism/ethnicity, nepotism, e.t.c the list goes on but the most important which I consider the most pressing challenge in Nigeria is we the Youths ourselves.

This present generation of youths have assumed a new form of laziness in which we want everything to be done for us on the platter of gold, we have despised hard work, diligence and commitment for cheap success. We have forgotten that "nothing good comes easy".

Though Nigeria 's Government cannot evade the blame for our present challenge but the Youths of this generation Just like Wole Soyinka described them are dead on arrival, Nigerian Youths have lost that vigour, vibrancy and determination of the past.

The Youths in the past like Nmamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Herbert Macauly, Tafawa Balewa, S.L Akintola and many more were known to be Activist and Nationalist, they did not wait for the Government to solve the problems affecting the Country, they stood up to the challenge and we are now reaping the fruits of their labour.

There is even a common rhetoric among many Youths that we are the leaders of tomorrow or leaders of today, but critically the leaders we perceive ourselves to be is just a mere saying as it's only few Youths who are working towards achieving this.

This days Youths have focused their attention on music, parties, clubbing, e.t.c and other things that will not add substantial value to their lives, we have ignored the challenges facing Nigeria, we have lionised and idolised musicians, footballers, celebrities and all those who promote evil morals among the Youths, we no longer care about our country any more, many Youths have lost interest in politics or any matter that relates to Nigeria, many Youths dream of leaving school and going out of the country to find white collar jobs, no youth is concerned about using their skills and Expertise to develop the country, we all pose an "I don't care attitude" when it comes to the issue of Nigeria. This is so disheartening.

Another major issue of concern is the issue of the mass influx of youths out of Nigeria to their self portrayed Greener pasture in Europe and America, Nigerian Youths choose to leave the country and school abroad but anyway it's not their fault but the poor educational conditions in the country. Many Nigerian Youths have huge potentials and a bright future ahead, Nigerian Youths are so intelligent, creative and full of ideas but they need to use this for the development of their father's land.

Nigeria is on a verge of success, stay strong Youths and vie for the top.

God Bless Nigeria
Good people, great Nation.

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