Exclusive cooperation between the Embassy of France, the Alliance Française of Nairobi and a network of 12 ´Pilots Schools in Nairobi

By French Embassy in Kenya

On March, 30th 2016, 12 Kenyan High Schools gathered at the Residence of France in order to sign 10 tri-partite MoU[1], together with the Embassy of France in Kenya, represented by H.E. Rémi Maréchaux, Ambassador of France, and the Alliance Française of Nairobi, represented by its President, Mr. Sam Ngaruiya.

The purpose of this multiple signing is to create an exclusive cooperation between the three parties within a network of 12 “Pilots Schools” in Nairobi, which will offer extra curricula intensive French classes, in order to reach an advanced level at the end of the secondary education.

The signing of these 10 MoU mean that the French Embassy and the Alliance Française of Nairobi are both committed to providing an exclusive support to improve the quality of French Teaching in each of the 12 schools, with specific training for their teachers, information meetings about studies in France, reduced prices for International French Certificates of Alliance Française, and twinning projects to be developed between Kenyan and French High Schools.

The commitments of the schools consist in setting up extra curricula intensive French classes in order to reach an advanced level at the end of the secondary education and providing a French Resource Centre to the students where a French Club will organize various activities.

The first pedagogical training for the teachers will be held on the 12th and 13th of April.

Each pilot school will get specific support and regular meetings will be organized between the three parties.

The students who will choose extra curricula intensive French-classes will have the possibility to access French higher education system and first class universities.

In 2016, French Language remains the first foreign language to be taught in secondary schools in Kenya, the main reason behind this is the fact that French is an African Language and is therefore a decisive vector of opportunities for students.

[1] One of the MoU covers the three schools of Braeburn Garden Estate, Braeburn School and Braeside School.