Afraid Of Heights? These Are Top 5 Ways To Handle Turbulence On Flights


Do you recall how you felt the last time your plane was hit by turbulence? It is difficult not to get distressed and frightened by the sudden, erratic shaking of the aircraft.

While it is a huge concern for anyone who is nervous about flying in Nigeria , there are ways it can be managed to ensure it does not become a nerve-wrecking experience., Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking service offers top 5 ways to handle turbulence on local flights.

Breathe deeply as often as you can
Deep breaths can be very helpful while enduring an episode of turbulence. Rather than fret and worry, close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply as frequently as you can. Also, you can carry a paper bag which you can use as an anti-hyperventilating device as well.It is very good as reducing anxiety.

Remain buckled to your seat
The most important thing to do when there is turbulence is to stay buckled to your seat. Refrain from walking around or moving from one corner to the other. No matter how afraid you are, sit still and ensure you only raise your hand if you need to signal an air hostess for anything. Sitting still rather than walking around helps you stay calm and reduced chances of injury or accidents in the case of severe turbulence.

Try the rubberband technique
This is not a common technique and might not work for everyone. The rubber band technique is such that you wear a rubberband around your wrist and snap the rubber band against your skin anytime you feel yourself becoming agitated such that the pain is a reality bite that takes your mind off any particular situation that makes your anxious or gives you a fright. Adopting this method helps with turbulence. It distracts you from it and cuts out chances of you being traumatized by the movements.

Listen to slow, calming music
The fear for turbulence has a way of kicking up fear inside of you, making it hard for you to be calm or focused on any flight. You find your mind consumed on the possibility of turbulence, how it could lead to crash and how it would mean the end of your life or worse, a maimed body. You mind wanders and perfectly normal flight noises seem like sounds that do not exist. Listening to peaceful and calming music help you manage yourself on the flight and even when an actual turbulence is going on. It occupies your mind and takes off a lot of stress that comes with turbulence.

Avoid caffeine products
Caffeine products, especially coffee may seem like the perfect drink for a long flight, but it can cause as an overly hyper state of mind will only exacerbate your anxiety when you have to deal with turbulence. Avoid taking any caffeine product before or while you are on the flight, instead, go for other liquids that will keep you hydrated. A glass of one can be very good for calming the nerves.