5 tricks to Make Your Car Seem like New Again

Source: Jovago.com

Every motorist is somewhat emotionally attached to his vehicle as he spends a lot of time commuting to work or just hauling groceries in it. But as the vehicle gets older, it exterior less flashy and faults a little more persistent, the car-owner battles with the temptation to acquire a new alternative…even when keeping the older is much more cost-efficient.

Agreed, it is normal to grow tired of used cars long before their lifespan runs out, however, the cost for purchasing a new one can cut a big hole in the pocket. So Jovago.com , Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking website shows you fresh tips to keep your cars in top shape for longer, make it seem new and have you feeling good about it again.

Do a thorough cleaning of the vehicle
This does not entail the quick, normal cleaning that you do on your car every day, it involves hardcore scrubbing of every part of the car you can reach. Wash the carpet and upholstery, dig out all the trash moldering in the boot of the car, remove the spare and get into every nook and cranny of the tire well, and remove the seat cushions and pick out the entire food residue. If possible, take out the front seats and vacuum under there.

Also, clean all the grime from the engine bay and get under the car too. As for the exterior, wax the car to a perfect shine. Deep cleaning may seem tedious; however, it pays off as it not only leaves your car looking as good as new, it gives you the chance to uncover possible hidden problems.

Nothing screams “new’ car” more than a flashy, clean, well-sprayed exterior. Take your care to the maintenance center and ask for full-body paint. For some thousand Naira, you should be able to get a good exterior paint job that will dramatically improve how your car looks. You could go for a new colour; however, if you cannot afford that, you could use same old paint color and touch up the car. A new paint job generally makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of your car.

Electronics upgrade
A major way to get your car looking like new is by buying and fixing in new electronics and incorporating new technological trends. Most cars now have the Bluetooth feature as well as iPod and iPhone dock, so if your car is about 3-5 years old, chances are your sound system and other car gadgets are outdated. The good thing is that these new technologies and accessories are very affordable and can easily be attached to an older model. For instance, you can trade an old radio head unit for one that integrates with an iPod, iPhone or satellite radio, and includes a Bluetooth connection for a cell phone, will shoot your car into the present.

Sort out Brakes, suspenders, tires and rims
Shocks, springs, dampers, struts, brakes, discs and pads may seem like normal service items, but replacing them can make a huge difference in how the car drives as worn out ones, can seriously degrade performance. Also, the wheels, tires and rims at the base of your car helps your car maneuver faster and keeps you safe, and so, having a good lightweight set will improve the handling and brake performance of your car, making it that much safer and fun to drive. Remember to stay within your budget and mechanical abilities, though; you do not have to go to extremes to make your vehicle new.

Deodorize your air conditioning
Part of what gives a car the feeling of being new is the way the car interior smells, of which the air-conditioning plays a huge role. Clean out the vents and cabin air filter system in your car, then drain the tubes, get them unclogged, cleaned and disinfected, and deodorized. This kills off the mold and ensures a pleasant smell is emitted in its place. You can easily do all these by yourself, however, if you feel that you cannot, find a place that does deodorizing of the a/c system, and pay to have your car sorted. This helps with reviving the new car feel.