Aftermath Of March 28, 2015

By Ifedayo Obi

Starting with the postulate of Plato, a Greek Philosopher that “in politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill..., we do not ask for handsomest physician or the most eloquent one".

Without mincing words, Plato's position is what Nigerians and Nigeria are experiencing currently.

The journey to 28th March, 2015 was historic and significance to our democracy as a nation. It was an event that many prophets of doom became political shepherds. It was a national episode that put the Country before the screens of the world with great fears of unknown. Even our big brothers from white lands gave up on possibilities of our unity as a nation.

Eventually an opposition party that pride herself with CHANGE MANTRA became the ruling party with the help of an incumbent President that placed his nation above his ambition.

Exactly one year today, the stocks are numerous. With many asking why they made such a decision for a Septuagenarian, a repented coup plotter, a born again politician from the lion tribe of Military, a true son of born-to-rule kingdom to become President through ballot box. It seems they were quick to forget history, Buhari had said it during grand finale of CPC campaign in 2011 that he will not contest again after 2011. So those who sold him as a political brand to save Nigeria were aware of this. Buhari has withdrawn his expertise to govern Nigerians since then. If you see him not performing don't blame him but blame those who allowing history to repeat itself.

From His inauguration till date, it has been blame games and excuses at every fraction of second. For a serious government, 30th March to 29th May was an ample opportunity to align manifestos and promises to suit governance. But their unpreparedness to govern a nation has brought them shame.

Nepotism is booming like tornadoes, as kinsmen are now the only trusted and capable hands to occupy public offices. It is Nepotism that turned DSS to DauraSS. Without any prejudice, Akwa-Ibom and Ekiti Invasions were products of this.

For an author from Tinubu's media dog to put Buhari as a man Nigerians should trust their money with but not their lives indicates that rule of law and constitution will become history in no distance time. A nation where the alleged is pronounced guilty in the court of public opinion before trial according to Chief Dele Momodu cannot be a save haven.

For the first time in our history, a national budget was stolen, denied, padded and disowned by same presenters. This just passed budget 2016 was nothing but mantra of wastes and profligacy. How sincere is our President's crusade of prudence, when allocation for presidency is N39bn against N25bn in 2015. What is the essence of having 4 advisers on Media and propaganda when no single one for economy.

It seems Nigerians are hypocrites, if not protest of all kinds should have been organised against the perpetual fuel scarcity as government approved its extension for another two months.

Our decision for change has made INEC to become Inconclusive National Electoral Commission, power supply to become worse, inflation to be double digits, Stamp duty to be purse taskmaster, President to be on foreign missions, democracy to be dictocracy, parallel market to be king, policies to be somersaulted (rice importation), media trials above law court, herdsmen to be lawful killers and invaders, Minister to be Commander in Chief for a Rerun election, elections to be war zones, State of Confluence to be Confluence of Confusion, manifestos to be untrue, promises to be denied and statements made in English to be translated in English.

Just as Franklin P. Adams puts it “the trouble with this country is that there are too many politicians who believe with a conviction based on experience, that you can fool all of the people all of the time”.

If not migration from PDP to APC would not have been tagged as change. The current government has turned governance to season films. When Nigerians are trying to recover from one lie another melodrama will surface, all in the quest of distracting them from incompetence of their leaders.

I will advise the APC led government to desist from propaganda, cosmetic governance, blame games and excuses of incompetence. A true leader accepts responsibility as it comes without excuses and blames. While Lies can thrive during campaign they are not sustainable in governance.

Let politicking be reduced for governance to thrive, election was held a year ago. This wind of change that is blowing against the hope of masses should stop now.

Ifedayo Obi,
(A member of Shadow Cabinet of Nigeria and Lead Partner of Good Governance Advocates)

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