The Problem Of Buhari!


Building unity and harmony amidst rifts and insecurity (Buhari) is usually a feat to be achieved by a people conscious leader. This is part of what Nigerians want from the incumbent president.

Insecurity in Nigeria is gradually breeding disunity and disharmony. With different ethic groups pointing accusing fingers at one another for this spate, with non of them willing to take the blame. None of them will!

Nigeria, a country conceived on unity and progress is now making serious efforts at keeping up to the tenets of unity and faith, peace cum progress. She must survive the ordeal.

The health of the Nigerian State is deteriorating and urgent(if necessary, cogent)steps must be taken to revive her. Her place and pride in the black continent must stand and stand ad infinitum!

A careful analysis of the Nigeria state is given,with a cue being taken from ‘Sociology’.

Sociology is an empirical inquiry that is primarily concerned with groups, interactions, societies and humans that form these groups. At another parlance, sociology look into the world of symbols, languages, arts and so on and try to understand and explain how these non materials come to influence man and his society. The scope of sociology is relatively wide.

In doing sociology of Nigeria, taking insecurity as a variable, one is keen to look at factors that had factored insecurity.

Some of these factors include, mass unemployment, dwindling economy, large scale corruption, hate, insincerity, religious extremism and bigotry, dearth of good leaders cum bad followers. All of these and many more attributes to the problem of insecurity in Nigeria.

A potent theory that will be used to explain insecurity in Nigeria is functionalism. As a theory in sociology,Functionalism view the society as an organism, that is made up of different interdependent parts, with each of these parts having special and allotted functions which they must perform for the survival of the organism. In practice, this means that, in a sound economy where the youths are gainfully employed and other life supporting structures are present, the chances of such a state to experience anomalies such as insecurity and disunity is minimal. Conversely, in a country where there are strains in the economy, large scale corruption and religious extremism pervades, then insecurity and disunity looms.

It is advisable that a serious government( that of Nigeria) must address the problems of corruption, hate, unemployment, religious bigotry and so on. This, it is believed may solve the problems of insecurity and disunity.

However, It is cogent to stress here that addressing the problems of mass unemployment, corruption and so on, may not ultimately lead to having security, unity and harmony. And in fact, thinking like that, is erroneous.

It then suffice to say that, since there are some many factors that explains a phenomenon. So many techniques may be used in finding a solution to it.

More so, when the core cause(s)of a phenomenon is/are addressed properly, the desired results becomes feasible.

For instance, true foreign supports(technical and financial)for Nigeria against insecurity may bring insecurity to an end in no time, even while poverty and economic quagmire subsists.

At another parlance, cognizance must be given the role of non material aspects of our lives. For instance, there is a need for Nigeria to develop a language of national development. The Chinese, Indian and American states have developed languages with which they communicate their development. We need one in Nigeria. Sloganeering (Eko o ni baje or Nigeria o ni baje o)can be an effective tool in this campaign and may be very useful. It may work the miracle. At least, most of us still say ‘Up NEPA’ even when the corporation is defunct! Let us have slogans for development and slogans against insecurity!

For me, development is paced by security and unity. They serve as fulcrum for wholesome wellbeing of a nation. More so, development may not follow any prescribed format.

It may be unique and indegineous. I am just concerned about the results of development. Just as Mourinho, Chelsea and Chelsea fans do not care about the tactics of the soccer game, but rather about the three points. The same applies to development.

The development of Malaysia was brought about by a mono-economy that rested on the shoulders of palm oil, that of Singapore relied on science, medicine and technology, America’s development was brought by, by the activities of few entrepreneurs, while that of Britain anchored on the effects of industrialization.

On what will the development of Nigeria be anchored?

Let us unite and work in harmony, for development is not only what we shall benefit but more!

Written by Olubankole Olatunji, is a graduate of Sociology of Obafemi Awolowo university. [email protected]


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