Nikola Tesla, Electric Power And Nigeria   

Earlier this month I was appoimted the Secretary for Nigeria of The Tesla Memorial Society of New York( by The President, Dr Ljubo Vujovic. I hope it represents an opportunity for Nigeria.

Nikola Tesla was a Physicist, Engineer,Inventor and futurist with over 700 inventions in the areas of the generation,transmission and distribution of electricity.He has infact been referred to as the Father of the 20thcentury

Because the story of the 20th century has been described as the story of electricity. Nigeria needs a Nikola Tesla. Nigeria deserves Elecric Power. Nigeria needs a centre of excellence in power engineering.

Interestingly on the 73ndanniversary of the death of Nikola Tesla,January 7 ,2016,the National Innovation Research council, chaired by the minister of science and tech Dr ogbonnaya onu, had its first meeting . Tesla inventions were largely responsible for the rise and industrialization of the United States and he created several industries worth billions of Dollars

On the NIRC,according to the PREMIUM TIMES, Buhari said” by this action, Nigeria will become a centre of discoveries,inventions and innovation in all fields of science and technology.Before long we should be in a position to produce Nobel laureates in the sciences.” In 1915 the paper reported that Tesla was to share the Nobel Prize for Physics with Thomas Alva Edison but due to a “Tragic Mistake” it was awarded to two other Physicists.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, it has been asked” Who is the greatest?”It would be 160 years of the anniversary of the birth of Tesla on July 10 2016.I do hope we would be part of the evets in Nigeria.We can have a Tesla Week starting from July 10 involving public lectures, symposia,Talks on Patent Law for Inventors and Engineers, Drama, Exhibition,Sales of Books/DVD, film screening, Quiz Time for secondary schools etc

Interestingly again, Nigeria”s ex minister of Science, also ex minister of Power, Professor Barth Nnaji,following in the footsteps of Tesla, being an inventor, Roboticist, Physicist,Engineerand power entrepreneur, was born exactly 100 years and 3 days after the birth of Nikola Tesla on July 13 1956. We should also be planning to celebrate Barth NNaji one of the greatest Engineers of the last quarter of the 20th century Please find on youtube the life of nikola Tesla.

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