Poem dedicated to Judge BolaAjibola at 82

By Idris Katib
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Is it the meter
Is it the rhyme?
Is it enjambment
Or a free verse?
The cluster is worthy
For a life exemplified
By spartan beauty.
Whether thou honour him
In quatrains or couplets
Or alternative even rhyme,
Hail him in splendid sonnets
The epic in him
Spares thee no dime
As the prince,he was of the bar
An advocate of the bar
As the judge, he was of the bench
For erect stands the bar
For justice sits the bench
Then blown was the breath
Of Henry Longfellow's quatrains
"The Psalmist" in his life
The heroic poet inspired essence of life
For the terrestrial judge
Who serves The Celestial
The Omnipotent Judge
And selflessly the humanoid,
Who courtly served world bench
At the ICJ, The Hague
He wielded a dissenting voice
With the employ of his ancestors' proverb:
'That wherever is named head
should not be dragged on the ground'
To conquer The Hague
And so conquered was The Hague
By his lone, dissenting voice.
For the Founder and Custodian
Of citadel of moral and knowledge
His ultimate vision
Domiciled in the city beneath The Rock
Where morals complement functional knowledge
As the terrestrial judge rose
From his dream, his vision
He soon merchandised all his assets
At home and abroad
For the prince and the judge
The rest is the best
All hail the noble prince
Whose Ultimate is the rest.
* Katib writes from Crescent University, Abeokuta